Our Mission

To enable innovation, communication, safety and transformation through technology.

As the President of Premier Wireless, I live our mission every day: enabling innovation, communication, safety and transformation through technology.

As a businesswoman, I’m driven to find solutions to increase efficiencies and minimize costs for fellow business owners.

As the mother of a teacher, my heart is in education; providing campus communication, digital inclusion and security solutions for teachers and students.

As a community leader, I’m focused on communication, connectivity and safety solutions for first responders and other government agencies.

As a survivor, I believe in the importance of helping others and giving back to the community.

Let me show you how we can leverage technology to make your world a better, smarter and safer place.

1 million+
devices deployed
on-site deployments
active devices

We learned a few things on our first million devices.

For 30 years, Premier Wireless’ mission has been to provide innovation, communication, safety, and transformation through technology. Two of Premier’s flagship solutions are ConnectED Bus and its CPR3 program. ConnectED Bus is a comprehensive solution for schools that provides bus Wi-Fi for students, real-time camera access for safety, GPS, and student tracking. “Connecting People to Resources,” the CPR3 program, focuses on homeless students and the homeless, veterans, refugees, college students, recently incarcerated individuals, and others by providing a device, unlimited connectivity, and the critical resources they need the most such as food, shelter, healthcare, education, workforce development, crisis hotlines, and transportation.

Premier’s portfolio also includes emergency preparedness equipment for backup, failover, and emergency communication; traditional classroom technology such as Chromebooks, laptops, and whiteboards; solutions for law enforcement like body cameras and rugged laptops; and technology designed to meet both the existing and emerging needs in healthcare.

Based in Houston, Texas, we serve clients across the US.

We’re here to help!

“Premier Wireless has been a vendor for Fort Bend County for over 15 years. The hands-on personalized service they provide the County is immeasurable. Whether we need an item right away or a billing issue rectified they respond swiftly and professionally.”

Debbie Kaminski, CPPB

Assistant Purchasing Agent — Fort Bend County, Texas