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Public Safety

Emergency preparedness and response is a top priority for public safety and crucial in ensuring our heroes and the general public well-being. Technology is a leading factor in helping them prepare, respond, and recover effectively during increasingly complex and challenging events. Connectivity and communication are the foundation for safety and success; a solid communication and connectivity plan improves coordination, response times, and lives.

Connected Heroes

Addressing public safety needs is a big task; Law Enforcement Officers, EMTs, and Firefighters are more effective and situationally aware when they go mobile. Our solutions are designed to enable rapid response with features with rugged products like push-to-talk, priority calling on a secure and robust network, white-glove support, and more.

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Connected Vehicles

Law enforcement officers, EMTs, and Firefighters understand that every second counts when people's lives are at stake. Our solution equips emergency vehicles with smart devices and a reliable network to ensure first responders react quickly and safely, improving situational awareness. We also provide white-glove service to ensure our technology and solutions are always on par.

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Emergency Readiness

First responders and communities nationwide face critical events that can lead to life-threatening conditions and devastation, where durable devices and connectivity are essential. Our Emergency Readiness Kits provide portable, rugged devices & routers to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions and reliable, secure networks you can rely on.

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