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Digital Solutions for Healthcare

Over the past few years, digital and virtual healthcare solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, labs, clinics, and the home healthcare industry evolved from a novelty into a necessity. Due to this evolutionary change in the healthcare landscape, telehealth, remote monitoring, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) have become an essential part of healthcare.

Tools for workforce management and communication must seamlessly merge to provide digital monitoring, coordination, and various technical resources at the touch of a button. Even fleet management has been transformed using GPS solutions which provide instant data on the location of hospital transport ambulances, institution vehicles, administrator vehicles, home healthcare vans, and security vehicles in case of emergency. Premier Wireless provides the right hardware and connectivity solutions that help organizations improve patient care and revolutionize the healthcare industry.

COVID-19 Vaccine Response

The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines and the cumulative response times associated with deployment has had a significant effect on our defense against this pandemic. We here at Premier Wireless offer connectivity solutions that enhance efficiency, organization, and communication that correlates to improved response times and quicker deployment. Our connectivity solutions afford improved setup of vaccine sites, enhanced team collaboration, and ensure your vaccines are stored securely at the recommended temperature. The Premier team can help your team find the perfect solution that consistently promotes rapid vaccine deployment.

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The pandemic proved that what goes up does not always come down, especially when referring to the cost of health care. Global health care spending is projected to increase at an annual rate of 5.4% from 2018 to 2022, a substantial increase from 2.9% between 2013 and 2017. The disruption created by the pandemic forged the need for drastic healthcare changes. This includes the global use of telehealth, virtual appointments, and remote patient monitoring. Goldman Sachs estimates that connected devices could create $305 billion in annual health system savings from decreased costs and mortality due to the enhanced ability to monitor and communicate with patients managing chronic illnesses. Premier Wireless offers connectivity solutions to enhance your connected devices and support the increasing needs of telehealth.

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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has streamlined procedures and enhanced the overall patient experience. Patients benefit from increased accessibility, fewer in-person medical visits, convenience, and higher engagement. Healthcare providers benefit from increased accuracy of data, improved accuracy of diagnoses, less time required for a diagnosis, and enhanced efficiency in time management. Though COVID-19 made the practice of Telehealth essential, IoMT goes far beyond just virtual visits. Healthcare IoT also improves hospital and pharmaceutical processes. In-hospital hygiene monitoring devices help prevent patient infections. Also, IoMT devices in hospitals assist in expediting emergency care and regulating refrigerator temperatures. In every instance, Premier Wireless can provide solutions that enhance your IoMT. Our solutions offer savings by reducing costs, improving patient care, elevating facilities maintenance, and affording workforce management.

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Workforce Management

Improve your healthcare workforce management with a custom system of real-time sensors, smartphones, and tablets all managed in our Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.

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The global pandemic has forced a reimagining of how, when, and where our employees work. The need for enhanced methods and levels of communication is prevalent in every industry, especially in healthcare. Due to this sudden demand for remote working environments, the need for reliable and effective communication is critical. Premier Wireless has a suite of products and services to keep your remote employees online and connected. Our cell phones, smartphones, and rugged phones remove the barriers to working remotely by promoting enhanced collaboration, productivity, and communication.

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Transportation & Fleet Management

The pandemic has forced healthcare organizations to reassess how they manage their fleets. Under normal conditions, Fleet Management is a critical financial and safety issue for healthcare organizations. Therefore, this vital financial and safety issue for healthcare organizations requires a multifaceted Fleet Management solution. Premier Wireless offers solutions that help healthcare organizations meet these essential Fleet Management issues on all fronts. For example, GPS solutions provide real-time location data for hospital transport ambulances, institution vehicles, administrator vehicles, home healthcare vans, or security vehicles. This level of Fleet Management provides enhanced efficiency during an emergency and assists in tracking progress. Other solution benefits include GPS automated mileage reports that provide accurate reimbursement for home healthcare workers which reduces human error.

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