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Premier Wireless provides educational technology solutions that augment connectivity, heighten safety, and bridge the digital divide. The core benefits of our solutions extend beyond the confines of the classroom and afford increased protection for students and staff during this unprecedented Global Pandemic. The effects of COVID-19 are universal across all industries. However, in the Education sector, it has completely altered the teaching and learning dynamics. Though Communication has always been a critical component in our schools, it is now mission-critical to our day-to-day operation. Premier Wireless is uniquely positioned at the intersection of understanding the needs of our schools, districts, and students and the ability to provide the solutions that meet those needs where they exist. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of devices and products that meets the demands of Remote Learning, connectivity, and Safety & Security.

One of the core missions of Premier Wireless is promoting equity for all students through technology. To continue this mission, we provide customizable devices that assist underserved students who lack previous exposure to connectivity or technology. Our devices are also scalable and customizable to specific applications and academic levels. Premier Wireless provides solutions that increase engagement, extend the classroom, optimize learning time, and allow students to connect wherever learning takes them.

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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has amplified the adverse effects of the digital divide by forcing school closures and changing how students learn. Our current generation of students now risks losing $17 trillion in lifetime earnings in present value, or about 14 percent of today's global GDP, because of COVID-19 pandemic-related school closures. This is according to a report published by the World Bank, UNESCO, and UNICEF (December 6, 2021).

While schools are shut down, students face challenges adjusting to this new approach to the curriculum and the difficulties of adapting to modern technology. So, what is the answer to this increased need and barrier to learning our current generation of students are facing?

Premier Wireless offers the solution through its comprehensive portfolio of products and services that enhance a student’s educational experience by providing intuitive devices and internet connectivity designed for remote and hybrid learning. Our solutions bridge the digital divide and promote increased productivity, inclusiveness, and educational equality. Through these offerings, we enhance student engagement and academic success for all students.

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Communication is an essential component in effectively conveying the lessons a teacher is presenting and in the day-to-day operation of any school administration. With so much hinging on communication, it is paramount that all barriers to effective communication be resolved. Among the many goals a school administration has; safety is always at the top of that list. The tools you utilize to communicate between teachers, administrators, staff, and parents vehemently affect the safety of our students and the success of our schools.

Through our extensive range of basic phones, rugged phones, and smartphones, we specialize in providing an all-in-one communications solution that includes the perfect device, service, and accessories for your administration.

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Remote Learning

To offset the arrival of COVID-19, new evolutions in technology affect how we conduct our daily lives. The entire educational landscape changed, seemingly overnight. The phrase “The New Normal” was created out of this ever-changing assortment of challenges brought about by this global pandemic. Necessity is considered the mother of invention and the global epidemic serves as the test and proof of this theory. Through these challenges, Premier Wireless finds itself uniquely positioned at the intersection of technological evolution and your needs. We know that it is not about providing a device, it is about providing the right device for your students.

With the already built-in challenges of remote learning, it is even more imperative that the device provided for your students lends itself to ease of use, intuitive functionality, and operational familiarity.

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Safety & Security

According to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, change is the only constant in life. Never in the history of humankind has this been more evident. Our world, as we once knew it, is forever changed by the onset of COVID-19. One of the most notable changes is how we now define safety and the protocols we utilize to ensure it. Our schools, students, and administrative staff are always at the top of the lists of concerns. However, our schools can no longer rely on simple fire drills to asseverate emergency readiness. Today’s educational systems must address concerns of bullying, active shooters, and the pandemic to name a few. Thankfully, new technologies have emerged to meet these ever-increasing needs and concerns.

Premier Wireless can assist you in identifying your safety concerns and develop integrated solutions to accurately address your safety requirements. Premier Wireless is dedicated to helping you keep your students, teachers, staff, and administrators safe so you can focus on enriching the minds of our most important resource; our students.

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Grants Office

Federal and state grants are a vital part of the budget picture for nearly all public sector agencies in America. However, many of these agencies are understaffed or lack the expertise to properly assess, apply, and obtain critical grant funding. Understanding grant development or experience with grant programs can significantly increase their ability to leverage technology to advance their missions and enhance their impact on their communities.

The Premier Wireless Grants Support Program provides public sector agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals with grants information, customized funding research, and consultation that will help develop project ideas, get technology-rich projects funded, and even expand initiatives that are already in the works.

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