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Premier Wireless views technology as a powerful tool that we can all leverage to achieve better success across all spectrums. Since the times of the Egyptians 6,500 years ago, technology has been a positive life-changing tool when properly applied. Today, Premier Wireless provides the technological solutions you need to develop smarter governments, smarter cities, and smarter underserved rural communities. However, during the present COVID pandemic, our smart technological solutions have evolved to meet the need for enhanced safety of our citizens, students, and staff in government buildings. Furthermore, having the ability to communicate with smartphones, texting, emails, video conferences, and video chats is now a necessity for government employees. The unpredictability on a global scale places safety and security at the top of everyone’s list. However, with smart connectivity, data-driven and informed decisions are helping to provide solutions to the major societal issues facing governments today, i.e., health, education, economy, mobility (transportation), quality of life, and the environment.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response in Govenrment

COVID-19 Pandemic & the Government's “New Normal”

The “New Normal” is not an acceptable replacement for our pre-pandemic normal but it is currently a necessity. Although the decision to reopen schools and government agencies is becoming more of a norm, safety is still the overall governing factor. This is more than simple compliance; it is about saving lives. Premier Wireless smart technology solutions provide a more intuitive way to ensure the safety of citizens, students, and personnel in government buildings.

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Effective collaboration enhances productivity, efficiency, and creativity. However, the most important component in any collaborative effort is communication. Therefore, you must provide an easy and effective way to keep your government employees connected. In today’s unpredictable environment, the ability to communicate across all viable platforms is a necessity for government employees. Our selection of smartphones, rugged phones, laptops, tablets, and more will keep your team's productively connected.

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city buses


The Premier Wireless ConnectED Bus technology is our solution to providing internet connectivity in mobile environments, i.e., school buses, campus shuttles, and city buses. According to a 2021 report released by, workers who traveled to work by bus had an average commute of 46.6 minutes, one way. This equates to over an hour and a half per day a rider spends on public transportation (city bus). Typically, this allocation of time is generally unproductive due to a lack of internet connectivity. However, with the ConnectED Bus technology, internet connectivity can be accessed and utilized for homework, research, or getting a head start on an urgent school or work project. Having access to internet connectivity within a mobile environment is even more essential to those who reside in underserved communities that lack reliable internet access at home.

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