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6 Major Benefits of Occupancy Monitoring

People counting and occupancy monitoring have become more important in the world of COVID. Here are the benefits of these solutions.

Though there's now a cure for COVID-19, the threat isn't completely gone. People are still concerned about their safety and security in public spaces. Whether they're at a sporting venue, hospital, hotel, or retail store, safety is paramount.

With people counting and occupancy detection devices, you can track the foot traffic entering and leaving your properties. You can also measure dwell times in common areas to pinpoint hotspots. With occupancy tracking, you can control environmental conditions to create a more comfortable space for your visitors.

More businesses are recognizing the benefits of occupancy monitoring, too. In fact, the overall people counting system market could grow from $818 million to $1,333 million by 2025.

What are the benefits of people counting and occupancy monitoring? Keep reading to find out!

1. Improve Your Safety and Security

In light of COVID-19, businesses are now required to comply with government social distancing regulations. Many businesses have to limit the number of visitors within their buildings as a result.

With occupancy monitoring, you can keep track of how many people leave and enter your property in real-time. You'll even receive a notification once you've met your capacity threshold.

If you're required to limit the number of customers in your store, handling the task manually could prove time-consuming. That's time you could spend helping your customers instead.

You can improve your efficiency by using people counting technology. You can comply with government regulations without standing at the door all day. With occupancy tracking, you can avoid overcrowding and remain compliant.

Social distancing guidelines are designed to limit the spread of COVID-19. Otherwise, we could overwhelm hospitals with new cases.

Using an occupancy monitoring system can protect your employees and customers. Avoiding overcrowding will ensure there's space for social distancing.

A Better Experience

At the same time, you can improve your customer service, making it easier for you to retain long-time customers. Customer loyalty and retainment can improve your ROI.

With real-time occupancy tracking, you can get a better understanding of customer behaviors. You can then use that data to improve the customer service you offer. For example, you might recognize you need to change your store hours.

Maybe you need to adjust your store layout to improve traffic flow instead.

Either way, you can improve your store to give customers a better experience. Then, they'll come back for more!


You can even use occupancy tracking to improve the safety and security around your property. Knowing where people are located could help save a life. If there's an emergency such as a flood or fire, you won't have to worry about leaving anyone in the building.

Instead, you can notify all occupants to find the nearest exists.

2. Boost Productivity

More businesses are starting to recognize the benefits of collaborative, informal work environments. Using occupancy tracking could help you recognize this demand in your own office.

For example, have you noticed the need for meeting spaces and break areas? You can use people counting to recognize these areas in your offices. Then, you can improve your office layout to encourage collaboration.

Your team's productivity could improve as a result. Team members will have an easier time brainstorming and discussing projects. You can even designate isolated areas for people who want to work individually.

Either way, you're making it easier for your team to get the job done.

Occupancy monitoring could help you streamline janitorial services, too. With everyone focused on health and safety, regular disinfecting is crucial. You can use people counting to determine high traffic areas versus low traffic areas.

Then, your janitorial staff can use this information to work more productively. They'll ensure every area is clean, disinfected, and safe for your team's use.

3. Save on Energy Costs

Understanding the traffic patterns around your store or office could help you improve your energy efficiency, too.

For example, you can turn down the temperature in areas that are at capacity. That way, you can maximize occupant comfort.

What about areas that aren't utilized that often? You can reduce energy costs in those areas to become more sustainable.

The best people counting technologies can also help you improve your indoor air quality. Better indoor air quality will ensure your occupants are healthy and comfortable.

You can combine your traffic density data with critical environmental index data to configure ventilation requirements. Then, you can reduce the risk of airborne transmissions. You'll cut back on illnesses and sick leave requests as a result.

Either way, you have a chance to reduce your carbon footprint. You'll no longer have to rely on guesswork to determine where to save on energy costs. Instead, you can cut back on out-of-pocket expenses while ensuring your property is comfortable for guests.

4. Attract and Retain Talent

Are you struggling to attract and retain talent? Improving your work environment could help. You can use occupancy tracking to find new ways to improve your offices.

About 50% of US employees are worried about workplace exposure to COVID. Only 71% are confident their employers can bring them back to work safely.

With occupancy monitoring, you can prioritize employee safety and give your employees peace of mind. You can reduce the risk your employees will get sick by tracking people. For example, you can avoid overcrowding in certain work areas to minimize the spread of COVID.

Ensuring your team stays safe will also ensure your doors can stay open.

5. Determine When to Relocate

Do you need to relocate? With occupancy monitoring, you can make a more informed decision. You can use tracking to determine if your offices are too small or large depending on traffic patterns.

6. Build Trust and Ease Anxieties

Occupancy monitoring will help you show customers that you're creating a safer, more comfortable environment. Remaining transparent will help you ease customer anxieties. You can also build brand trust and loyalty.

Consumers will feel more comfortable returning to your business as a result.

Keeping Track: 6 Benefits of People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring

Create a safe, comfortable environment for your employees and customers. With people counting and occupancy monitoring, you can give everyone peace of mind. Experience these benefits of occupancy tracking for your own business today. 

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