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How Bus Wi‑Fi Enhances Safety, Productivity and Academic Opportunities

It is no secret that our youth are our future. This is only logical since they are the ones that will carry our legacy into the future and beyond. So, it stands to reason that we must do everything we can to ensure that all students have the tools and resources to be successful, regardless of social or economic background.

The Effect Safety has on a Child's Development

The ConnectED Bus technology provided by Premier Wireless provides both the tools and resources to positively affect a student’s life. Through the internet connectivity provided by ConnectED Bus, one of the most important factors in a child’s development can be effectively addressed, i.e., safety.

Our children must not only be safe, but they must also feel safe. According to research supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Development (HD19124, HD11944), an unsafe or chaotic environment prohibits a child’s ability to develop. This, in turn, also reduces a child’s ability to perform at their highest academic level. In summary, if our children are in any way concerned with their safety, it makes it virtually impossible for them to focus on everyday tasks like learning and homework.

Through the ConnectED Bus internet connectivity feature, bus safety is enhanced, thus reducing overall safety concerns. In a mobile environment, for example, a school bus, safety hinges on three facets; deterrence, response time, and accountability. ConnectED Bus, effectively addresses all three facets through its internet connectivity functionality.

How Internet Connectivity Enhances Safety

Internet connectivity provided by ConnectED Bus goes beyond just accessing the internet. It enhances your camera functionality by affording real-time surveillance, real-time remote camera access, and the ability to remotely access onboard video storage. This, of course, addresses one of the main facets of safety within a mobile environment (School Bus). The ability to access time-sensitive and critical video data enhances accountability and promotes deterrence. According to FBI reports and research results from MTAS Research and Information Center, the presence of video cameras reduces the occurrence of crimes and serves as a deterrent. This correlates to the enhanced safety afforded by ConnectED Bus through its internet connectivity.

There are various ways that internet connectivity provides a safer environment for students. This includes the onset of cameras used to monitor the stop arms of school buses. In this instance, the ability to monitor other vehicles during bus stops helps to ensure the safe onboarding and exiting of students throughout the bus route. Furthermore, it allows law enforcement to quickly address violators which deters future violations.

How Internet Connectivity Enhances Academic Performance

A typical bus route for a student is approximately 30 minutes. This means that a student typically spends 1 hour per day on a school bus. When we factor that over a standard month, students spend 20 hours per month on a bus. This does not account for the extra time that student-athletes spend traveling to and from sporting events. However, students with the ConnectED Bus internet connectivity feature can maximize the use of that time to do homework or research.

In turn, using this time to focus on their academics means that they have more time to spend with family and friends. Moreover, student-athletes afforded this advantage will have more time to focus on doing their best during sporting events. In summary, internet connectivity on the bus is crucial to every student, but especially for those who may not have access to reliable internet at home (Underserved Communities), ConnectED Bus bridges that technological gap.

ConnectED Bus technology provides the ability to not only supply internet connectivity on a bus but outside of the bus as well. The use of high-powered external antennas in conjunction with ConnectED Bus, affords internet connectivity for a small community. The ability to provide internet connectivity to underserved communities promotes technological and academic equality. The first step in closing the technological divide starts with making the resources and tools everyone needs available to everyone.

Premier Wireless has a core mission to enable innovation, communication, safety, and transformation through technology. This includes ensuring that the tools and resources are readily available for all students, which in turn, means every student will have the foundation in place to be a successful adult. The ConnectED Bus internet connectivity feature benefits all communities by enhancing student productivity, time management, and enhancing overall safety. Our students’ success today is everyone’s success tomorrow.

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