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Introducing the TotSpot

The TotSpot — Premier's Advanced Hotspot for Tots, by Premier Wireless

We’re excited to announce one of our latest solutions: The TotSpot – It’s Premier's Advanced Hotspot For Tots. Our TotSpot is an easy to use device, perfect for even the youngest students. It includes built-in cellular connectivity, powered by T-Mobile, eliminating the need for a secondary hotspot. Its rugged case includes an easy to carry handle that doubles as a stand. Our team pre-loads each school’s desired applications along with a content filter to ensure that every TotSpot is CIPA compliant and all children are safe online.

In the wake of the COVID Pandemic, this device isn’t a nice to have, it has become a must have for many schools because it helps them engage some of the children that have been left out and having difficulty connecting as a result of virtual learning. The reality is, a Chromebook with a hotspot is often too advanced for most young children to use on their own and many families are not tech savvy enough to be able to connect the two pieces of equipment to work properly for their child to attend class online.

The TotSpot solves these challenges. It’s so easy, a 3 or 4 year old can turn it on themselves and start learning!

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