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Wi‑Fi on Buses, More Than A Nice To Have — It’s a Must!

Wi-fi enabled buses provide real-time access, enabling immediate action.

Keeping kids safe is a top priority for all schools. Providing equity to all students is also a top priority for all schools. Wi-Fi on school buses is one of the ways to bring those to missions together and to use one bucket of money to solve two real-world problems. Adding wi-fi to a school bus provides a school with the ability to see, in real-time what’s happening on the bus. This information is critical, for providing faster response times and helping to deescalate issues. Schools can also use it to do a nightly verification check to make sure no student has been accidentally left on the bus sleeping.

Beyond using wi-fi on a bus for security purposes, it can provide internet access to the students who need it most, for the price of a single mobile broadband connection. Currently, the Cares Act has provided a significant amount of money to schools across America to close the homework gap for millions of students. The question is, how will schools provide equity and internet access to these same students next year? The answer, wi-fi on buses. Statistics show, the average student is on the bus for an average of an hour per day and 60% of students riding the bus come from free and reduced lunch homes. Wi-fi on a school bus is affordable and can provide access to the students that need it most. For the price of a single MBB connection, all of the students on the bus will have access to the internet, providing hours of connectivity where before there was none.

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