Oregon Youth Authority

Providing a balance of structure, stability, and support to justice-involved youth to help them increase accountability and effectively access the resources and tools available to them to turn their lives around.

OYA partnered with Premier Wireless and T-Mobile to customize Premier’s CPR³ program, ensuring easy access to the people, school, and other resources and support necessary to ensure accountability and greater success.


OYA saw an increase in accountability and a decrease in missed appointments and missed drug tests. As a result, these young adults have avoided incarceration, further involvement with law enforcement, reconnected with family, and re-engaged with their education.

A smartphone pre-loaded with local resources, crisis hotlines, contact numbers, food and housing assistance, healthcare information, and direct connections to court-ordered probation officers and court dates. This innovative tool enhances accountability, improves communication, and empowers justice-involved teens and young adults to stay on track, manage crises, and reengage with their education and community.

CPR³ Program Empowers Justice-Involved Teens & Young Adults

CPR³ Solution · Oregon Youth Authority


Oregon Youth Authority (OYA), a Salem-based organization that works with justice-involved youth aged 12 to 24 who commit crimes before age 18, identified that their population is at the highest risk of recidivism immediately following release from custody. Much of this risk is due to difficulties navigating outside support systems and resources, including access to mental health services, securing employment, and maintaining communication with probation officers. Addressing these challenges was crucial for reducing recidivism and helping these young offenders turn their lives around.

Oregon Youth Authority Chief Probation/Parole Officer Training and Development Manager Jim Kramer says the devices have improved communication and accountability. “The devices have been a game changer for the kids and probation officers. They have been using the devices to communicate easily with each other, keep track of their appointments, and ensure they don’t miss any appointments.”

Michael Runyon, Oregon Youth Authority’s Parole & Probation Supervisor, has witnessed transformative results. “The CPR³ device helped a 13-year-old turn her life around. She re-engaged in school, and it helped her mother get into stable housing. It was so great to see.”

The CPR³ devices also include a 5G hotspot and have been well received. They are making a difference, say Oregon Youth Authority officials. “The kids are using the devices to easily and quickly access the resources they need, like skills training and job opportunities. The devices have become an essential tool in helping them live more independent and stable lives, as opposed to becoming reincarcerated,” said Kramer. “Based on data-driven evidence, when individuals successfully meet goals in education and vocation, relationships, treatment, and personal interests, they experience successful transitions. We believe the CPR³ solution can successfully help them meet each of these goals,” adds Kramer.

Oregon Youth Authority plans to expand the program. The CPR³ program has meant more to the organization than a technology solution. It has been a lifeline for those striving to rebuild and live productive and successful lives after incarceration.

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