Denver Public School District


Many McKinney-Vento Homeless students lack consistent and reliable communication with the school district. That, along with high absenteeism and behavioral challenges, often led to poor academic performance.


Premier Wireless’s CPR³ solution provides a tool that offers consistent communication with the school, off-campus internet access, a device to complete homework, and access to basic resources, including food, healthcare and shelter.


Attendance, behavior, and academic performance were improved; the CPR³ device became a lifeline supporting many of their students and families in need.


The CPR³ solution provides 24/7 connectivity to access schoolwork and community resources while increasing communication with teachers, counselors, coaches, and others.

Denver Public Schools improves attendance, academic performance and behavioral issues.

CPR³ · Denver Public School District

McKinney Vento (MV) students often lack secure housing and other essential resources including food, healthcare, internet access and communication. As a result, absenteeism is often high and academic performance is often low.

Inconsistent communication often made it difficult for the MV liaisons to provide the students with the support and resources they needed. Students often needed help to get to school and had limited or no internet access, so they could not study, do research, or complete and turn in assignments when they were not in school.

The school district wanted a way to improve communication, provide internet access to be able to better support their most vulnerable students. The district worked closely with T-Mobile and Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions to find a solution.

Finding the Right Solution

Premier worked with the district to understand the gaps and identify the resources available in the Denver area to support the McKinney-Vento (MV) students; Premier built a custom CPR³ device for their students leveraging those resources. The district distributed the 5G CPR³ devices, powered by T-Mobile, to their 8th, 9th, and 10th-grade MV students. The devices gave these students access to local food pantries, shelters, transportation, employment opportunities, legal help, and other community resources.

Additionally, the CPR³ devices provided these students unlimited talk, text, data, hotspots, and access to the district’s LMS, enabling them to access schoolwork remotely, anytime, anywhere. It also provides students other basic but essential tools, including email, a calendar, and alarms.

Seeing the Results

The CPR³ devices have made the district’s MV liaisons more effective since students and families have access to many of the resources they need from the palms of their hands. It allows the district to spend less time trying to locate students and more time being proactive, providing significant support and stability to the families simply by improving communication.

Denver school officials say the CPR³ solution has positively impacted student improvement, where it matters most. Student attendance, performance, and behavior have all improved due to the CPR³ program; acting as a lifeline, supporting many MV students and families.

Rebecca says...

“Teens who want to use public transportation and be more independent benefit from the device. They’re able to access their homework, speak to their teachers and continue their education. They can complete reading and other assignments, and access forms because they no longer have that barrier. We can communicate with parents. The students have also built confidence because they can interact with fellow students and family. They are communicating with our community resources. They can access everything at the touch of a button. It’s case by case, but in general, these are the things we’re able to solve by having these devices,” said Rebecca Romero, Denver Public Schools McKinney-Vento Liaison.

Looking to the Future

The district currently has over 1100 MV students; Romero hopes she and her team can educate and distribute CPR³ devices to as many students as possible. She also says, Premier has been extraordinarily supportive and looks forward to growing the partnership.

“Support has been great, and any time we’ve had questions, we’ve been able to pick up the phone or send an email, and it’s been answered promptly. I also like that we can send an email saying we want this app added to our phones, and within minutes it is added to every phone. I have zero complaints. It’s been fabulous.”