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Chromebooks on backorder? Introducing the SmartBook—available now!


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Why a SmartBook?

For weeks, the only thing we’ve heard is that Google Chromebooks for schools are on backorder, regardless of the manufacturer (Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung). So, we developed the SmartBook to ensure that every student in America has both a device and internet access to complete their schoolwork whether they are distance-learning or simply doing their homework at home.

Great user experience

The SmartBook combines the functionality of a traditional Chromebook, along with the ease of use of a tablet and a touch screen. Taking it a step further, the SmartBook includes the option of having a built-in 4G LTE Hotspot, powered by T-Mobile. The CIPA cloud management provides best-in-class CIPA filtering, providing your students with the technology they need in a form factor they prefer. Ultimately, this improved user-experience, increases student engagement, leading to better grades.

Built to last

Because the SmartBook was designed specifically with schools in mind, the SmartBook is built with a ruggedized case, screen protector, and keyboard. Intended for students of all ages, the touch screen allows younger students to trace letters, while the included keyboard allows older students to easily type assignments.

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Student Safety –Web and Content Filter

Student Safety –Web and Content Filter

Protect your students and your devices with CIPA Compliant Secure Connections Including Malware Protection. The most comprehensive controls for cloud applications and websites including industry-leading malware protection to keep students and the school network safe. Content filtering in today’s schools is about more than blocking websites; it’s about keeping students safe — from inappropriate content to things like bullying, self-harm, and violence — while still allowing the learning and collaboration mobile technology brings.

Teacher controls provide better learning

Teacher controls provide better learning

A Classroom management tool that can save instructional time by providing teachers the ability to enable digital learning in the classroom and to override blocked sites and to request exceptions to websites through customizable block pages in real-time as necessary.

Visibility and oversight through reports and real-time alerts

Visibility and oversight through reports and real-time alerts

Detailed Student-Based Logs and Reporting provides critical information regarding high-risk student activities with real-time alerts along with drill-down reports that include usernames and group detail. Reporting is delivered in the cloud eliminating the need to buy or manage large reporting databases which are costly.

Advanced YouTube controls

Advanced YouTube controls

Allows schools to allow any specific YouTube video while enforcing safe search. You will be able to redirect the YouTube home page to your official YouTube home page, eliminating an unpredictable assortment of content and comments that may be inappropriate for the classroom environment. Additionally, you can enable a YouTube video that is typically blocked for limited periods of time, for a select user group.


An advanced and resourceful approach to let students experience the convenience of technology through innovative digital education.

Innovative Digital Education with Chromebooks

In today's world, the popularity of technology and the internet is evident. Digital education is one example of a technology advantage offered to many students through online educational strategies. Now that digital learning is an essential way to reach the students, we provide an innovative and advanced recourse to enhance the student's educational experience further.

Chromebooks suit the needs of many students because these are laptops that are portable, lightweight, budget-friendly, and, most notably, the Chrome OS is easy to learn and use. Some features also include long-lasting battery life, offline accessibility, touchscreen, and instant tethering. For a simple, complicated-free, and improved digital learning of students, Chromebooks are a great option.

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Introducing Google Chromebooks for Schools

Students can achieve any goal, and teachers can provide quality online education with the right tools. Introducing Google Chromebooks for schools is a way of delivering both the teachers and students the convenience of digital learning methods. These laptops with Chrome OS also come in various types. Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung Chromebooks are some of the most popular Chromebook laptops available in the market today.

With the use of Chromebooks, collaborating digitally with students is fast, simple, and secure for teachers. It also offers centralized management in accessing the web's education, making classroom technology easy to manage.

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Why are Chromebooks good for schools?

Aside from the fact that Chromebooks offer a vast range of access to online resources for schools, it also helps the students in engaging in interactive lessons and preparing them for the digital workforce demand. These benefits give the idea that Chromebooks are an excellent and suitable device-choice for schools.

Suitable for online school

Chromebooks can consistently and coherently access the Google Apps suite of collaborative and productivity tools that are free for schools because of its web optimization. It can also access contents all over the web, apps available in the Google Apps Marketplace, or even in the Chrome Web Store. Chromebooks operate flash-based educational tools and teaching aids that online schools genuinely need.

Advantageous for high school students

Technology-related professions globally are in demand and continue to seek more. Through the use of Chromebooks for digital education, high school students get to familiarize the ways and means of technology and help them boost their technological skills. This method also allows the teachers to instill effective and efficient work habits in their student’s academic careers as early as high school.

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Top recommended Chromebooks for schools

To meet the changing demands and improve the services, Chromebooks evolve. From budget to deluxe, it comes in different brands, shapes, and sizes. Features like large screen display, tablet mode, Chromebook touch screen, and spill-resistant keyboards are present on the top-recommended Chromebook brands. Some of the top Chromebooks are produced by Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo that offer the ultimate combination of performance, technology comfort, and value for your digital education journey.

Chromebooks with minimalist aesthetics

Asus Chromebooks are known for their thin and light attributes that most students prefer. Its aesthetic is also popular among students because they are sleek and minimalist. They are also much easier to store and handle.

Chromebooks with high-resolution screens

The Samsung Chromebooks offer clarity and high-resolution displays that make reading texts on a laptop much convenient without enlarging the web pages.

Chromebooks with anti-glare matte screen

Some Acer Chromebooks come with an anti-glare matte screen feature, which helps you keep the light from reflecting off the laptop screen to avoid it from distracting you.

Chromebooks with the best keyboard

HP Chromebooks have the best keyboards that help the students finish their schoolwork with less hassle. Aside from its keyboard, HP Chromebooks also offer a trackpad with great performance.

Chromebooks with excellent battery life

The Lenovo Chromebooks provide you better battery life to complete your tasks without the problems of repetitive charging. These laptops come with a 12-hour battery life that can last long if you are just doing some reading and casual games.

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Setting up Chromebooks for schools

To set up Chromebooks and deploy the chrome devices, here is a deployment guide recommended by Google that you need to keep in mind.

Examine your site

Network bandwidth needs to be adequate for the number of Chrome devices you are introducing. A maximum of 30 devices per entry point is most applicable. If some are not using Chrome OS, consider changing web-based applications to attain the best experience in using Chrome devices. You can also test any external devices if they work accurately with Chrome devices before deploying them in your classroom setting.

Add Wi-Fi networks

Remember that you can add Wi-Fi networks at any time on your Chrome device. You can make Wi-Fi profiles using the Google Admin console and put them in the Chromebooks during the enrollment process. If you make any updates, it automatically applies to the chrome devices.

Set Chrome management policies

You can tailor the policies and customize the settings for all devices and users in your entire school. There are available steps provided by Google for setting your user and device policies.

Update devices to the latest Chrome version

You can use the Chromebook Recovery Utility to update your devices with the latest version of Chrome. Depending on the devices, it takes 5 to 20 minutes to install the newest version.

Enroll the Chrome devices

You can allow users to enroll devices or enroll them yourself using the Enrollment Permissions policy provided by Google. If you encounter problems while registering the device, you may need to wipe and re-enroll the device.

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White-glove service

Here are high-quality services that we offer to go over your standard expectations and give you outstanding customer satisfaction.

Customizable devices

We customize and pre-program devices once you place the order. We can include labels, asset tags, or you can request to etch the name of the school or user on the laptops.

Perpetual Google license

Instead of applications, we load a perpetual google license. This license is valid for the device's life but can be transferred to a similar Chromebook model if your device experiences issues.

Excel spreadsheet listing

You will receive an excel spreadsheet listing that contains all critical information to import it to your systems securely and effortlessly.

In-depth online training

You will be provided with in-depth online training with portal access to manage all devices conveniently and introduced to how to use the Chromebooks. Take note that the student or teacher has no access to any other functionality other than what is available for them.

Fast and accessible service

We offer the ability to deploy and give an excellent level of service that surely meets your expectations. Our support team is always one phone call away for a fast, accessible transaction.

Consideration of the environment

We provide an eco-green option wherein we ship the orders altogether in packs to reduce the materials used in shipping. We also use green materials or recycled materials to help in protecting the environment.

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