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Campus Communication

Various studies have indicated that a communication breakdown is the first casualty during critical incidents. 71% of schools in America report having at least one violent incident during the school year. This translates to an estimated 962,300 violent incidents that occurred in U.S. public schools nationwide, according to the most recent School Survey on Crime and Safety administered by the U.S. Department of Education. The key to mitigating the effects of these incidents is enhancing communication.

Safety is at the top of every administration’s list of concerns. So, protect your students, staff, and administrators with district-issued devices for all school-related communication. This will ensure that every member of your staff has the right communications tool at their disposal when communicating is at its most critical.

CPR³ Program for K-12 Administrators

Providing support regardless of location should be the goal of every school district. K-12 Administrators are tasked with maintaining school safety, organizing resources, and supporting students at the same time.

An easy-to-use and secured device that protects communication channels and assists with security protocols is the perfect solution for our educators. Our CPR³ device provides access to critical resources that assist K-12 administrative staff and relieve their stress.

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CPR³ Program for K-12 Students

The Premier Wireless CPR³ is specifically designed to connect people to resources. The access provided by the CPR³ promotes equity and empowerment and enhances productivity. Today’s all-digital world requires reliable, uninterrupted connectivity, and many students and communities lack access to the vital lifeline of internet connectivity. However, the CPR³ provides not only internet access via the device but also to other devices through its hotspot functionality.

The CPR³ is an all-in-one smart device that fits in the palm of your hand while also providing uninterrupted communication, connectivity, and access to critical resources. Students of every academic level are afforded the ability to extend the classroom, maximize learning time, and heighten student success. Our solution helps close the learning gaps created by a lack of technology and access to internet connectivity while promoting student empowerment that will shape future generations.

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CPR³ Program for K-12 Students Experiencing Homelessness

Students experiencing homelessness are facing a lot of stress that can negatively impact their academic success. It's vital for these students to gain access to critical resources that guarantee their safety, health and more. In an increasingly digital focused world, many students are now challenged to keep up with assignments that require internet accessible devices. Without a stable home environment, internet access is not guaranteed and pushes them to be reliant on public Wi-Fi spaces that might not be available to them.

The CPR³ is designed to assist both inside and outside the classroom whether it be connecting them to food banks to feed their families or providing internet access to do their homework. Without these resources, these students are at risk of more than just a bad grade. Our solution aims to close the learning gap and improve the lives of upcoming generations.

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CPR³ Program for School Resource Officers

Premier's CPR³ solution guarantees dependable connectivity for law enforcement and School Resource Officers (SROs), pre-configured with essential tools like mobile reporting systems and digital evidence applications. This streamlined setup enables faster responses and better outcomes, enhancing overall efficiency in SRO and law enforcement operations.

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Two-Way Cellular-Based Radios

Push-To-Talk (PTT) devices offer all the benefits of cellular with none of the headaches or distractions of smartphones. For former LMR users, there is no learning curve with two-way cellular-based radios; our devices feature the familiar PTT button and rotary knob for easy channel changing.

Our portfolio of two-way cellular based radios and accessories offer instant communication for School Resource Officers (SROs), administrators and first responders over a nationwide cellular network. We provide the communication continuity to increase situational awareness and save lives.

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Failover Solutions

Failover solutions are crucial to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for both daily learning and emergency situations. These solutions provide backup internet connections that automatically activate when the primary connection fails, preventing disruptions in connectivity and communication.

With failover solutions in place, schools can maintain continuity in virtual learning, minimize downtime, and ensure students have consistent access to educational resources and online tools. Failover solutions also help to ensure communication and critical systems continuity during an emergency.

Cellular Coverage

School buildings are constructed with the utmost attention to strength and durability, designed to withstand various environmental and structural challenges. However, these robust structures can sometimes pose challenges for cellular coverage.

Areas of poor or limited connectivity may include the cafeteria, gymnasium, hallways, or classrooms, and can also include playgrounds, sporting fields and parking lots. These dead zones can be particularly problematic during emergencies or when relying on mobile devices for educational purposes. Therefore, finding solutions to overcome cellular coverage challenges within school buildings is imperative to ensure seamless communication and access to online resources for students and staff.

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