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Healthcare Emergency Response Solutions

Emergency response can be a matter of life and death in the healthcare industry. From natural disasters to public health emergencies and violent acts, healthcare organizations must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to crises.

Premier provides cutting-edge technology solutions to support emergency response efforts in the healthcare sector. Our products and services include communication and connectivity platforms, off-site communication continuity solutions, real-time monitoring tools, mobile communication, and building security solutions.

We are committed to working closely with healthcare organizations to provide customized technology solutions that meet their specific needs and enhance their emergency response capabilities. We can also help you receive government grants to help fund these critical solutions.

Off-Site Communication Continuity

In healthcare crises, response time is critical to outcomes. A major hindrance to response time is poor communication.

Premier offers solutions that enable enhanced collaboration, coordination, and management through reliable communication.

Our smartphone bundles are custom-tailored and ready to ship for use at any emergency site.

A Premier Wireless equipment bundle includes a smartphone with a rugged case and screen protector.

Our in-house technical experts can load customized apps tailored to any healthcare organization's needs.

All our devices are equipped with our mobile device management (MDM) for added security and control.

Premier's MDM provides complete control over what apps and information are available to your workforce.

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Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic changed where, how, and when employees can work. In case of an emergency building shutdown, employees can still be productive. Many organizations now allow their staff to work remotely, either all or part of the time. This new work dynamic requires a more reliable solution to maintain open communication channels between team members.

Premier has a suite of products and services to keep your remote team members connected and online.

Premier's laptops, Chromebooks, hotspots, iPads, tablets, and smartphones, provide reliable communication regardless of their geographic location. We provide the option of having a laptop with a hotspot or an embedded laptop with the cellular component built-in ensuring reliable internet connectivity and keeping teams connected and productive.

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Grants Funding

Grants are essential in funding schools, government agencies, and healthcare and non-profit organizations by providing financial support for specific programs and projects.

Premier is committed to helping our clients research grant opportunities to identify potential funding opportunities.

We can help develop proposals that align with the school or agency's goals and objectives through collaboration.

By working together, we can help build capacity for our clients and help them increase their ability to secure the funding needed for essential programs and projects.

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