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Telehealth, remote monitoring, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) have become a critical part of healthcare, no longer the exception. Whether it's hospitals, urgent cares, pharmacies, labs, clinics, or home health, there is not an aspect of the healthcare industry that has not been transformed by digital and virtual solutions. Using Telemedicine, a physician could review the images, remotely diagnose the patient, and send a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices include home monitoring tools and sensors that collect real-time medical data for care teams. Premier Wireless helps organizations find the right hardware and connectivity solutions to innovate the healthcare industry and improve patient care.


Virtual consultations via Video Conferencing using connected devices have become the norm. A physician could review the images, remotely diagnose the patient, and send a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy. Our technical experts can advise you on the best solutions for your needs to enable fast, secure virtual appointments with your patients.

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM devices are part of the new IoMT technology that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. With home monitoring tools and sensors that collect real-time medical data, the time required to make a diagnosis is reduced, the accuracy of diagnoses is improved, and the level of engagement between patients, healthcare teams, and administrators is significantly enhanced. RPM devices are also available in a wearable form factor and provide significant convenience to both the patient and their healthcare team. They are also an innovative option for remote healthcare services that permit healthcare teams to obtain vital patient data that updates at practically real-time intervals. Another advantage to this technology is that it provides the wearer the ability to self-monitor and provide additional data to their healthcare professional. Let Premier Wireless assist you in finding the right solution to meet your specific needs.

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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is changing health services and lowering barriers to access to healthcare. These internet-connected devices are rapidly changing healthcare delivery by lowering care costs, improving efficiencies, and ultimately creating better outcomes. Premier Wireless offers a range of sensors for patient care, facilities maintenance, and workforce management.

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Grants Office

Federal and state grants are a vital part of the budget picture for nearly all public sector agencies in America. However, many of these agencies are understaffed or lack the expertise to properly assess, apply, and obtain critical grant funding. Understanding grant development or experience with grant programs can significantly increase their ability to leverage technology to advance their missions and enhance their impact on their communities.

The Premier Wireless Grants Support Program provides public sector agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals with grants information, customized funding research, and consultation that will help develop project ideas, get technology-rich projects funded, and even expand initiatives that are already in the works.

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