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Wavemaker FG2000

The Wavemaker 5G indoor router FG2000 series brings unprecedented broadband speeds to home and business premises. With Wi-Fi 6 technology it supports up to 128 Wi-Fi connections and direct ethernet connections.

Wavemaker FG2000

The Inseego Wavemaker™ indoor router FG2000 series delivers blazing-fast internet access to homes and businesses worldwide with breakthrough 5G and 4G LTE speeds. From fast streaming to lag-free video conferencing, the FG2000 series delivers a superb 5G user experience with best-of-network performance anywhere.

The FG2000 series offers support for private networks, including CBRS, and boasts Wi-Fi 6 technology with gigabit-class* data speeds with secure connections for up to 128 Wi-Fi devices. A host of smart security and management features let users connect with confidence in their data privacy and protection.

The Inseego Mobile app makes it easy to find the best location to get set up and remotely manage settings like network name and password. Our Inseego Connect™ platform enables you to monitor, configure and troubleshoot a single FG2000 or an entire deployment of FG2000 series devices from one user-friendly platform. You can set alarm rules, schedule and run reports for data usage, signal quality, and alarm history, and group devices together to push widespread configurations.

The FG2000e offers dual SIM support and allows for auto-switching between SIMs based on signal strength, data usage, service availability, and quality. Multi-carrier firmware allows the FG2000e to be used on most major global carriers.

* Theoretical values, speeds achieved by connected devices vary based on network coverage, Wi-Fi connection and device capability.

The Wavemaker FG2000 Features

  • 4x4-MIMO Wi-Fi 6 supporting up to 128 wireless connections
  • Multiple ethernet LAN ports and 1 WAN port
  • Remote configuration and management
  • Easy-to-use smartphone app to optimize the placement, simplify the installation process, and manage settings
  • Enterprise-grade security-AES 256 encryption, password protection, VPN passthrough, primary and guest networks
Technical specifications

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