100e Chromebook Gen 3 (11" AMD)100e Chromebook Gen 3 (11" AMD)


100e Chromebook Gen 3 (11" AMD)

The 11.6" mini PC with an AMD A4 dual core processor, is compact, lightweight and flexible. Benefit from Chromebook features like automatic back-ups and updates, cloud-based applications and sandboxed browsing. Work across multiple browser tabs without slowing the device, with the latest DDR4 memory.


No-nonsense device for learning on the go

  • 11.6" AMD-powered Chromebook
  • Optional 4G/LTE keep them connected
  • A 720p HD webcam with shutter
  • Reinforced ports, hinges & rubber bumpers for durability
  • Features perfect both in and out of the classroom learning
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Performance students can count on

Built on the Chrome platform and packed with AMD power, the Lenovo 100e Chromebook creates an interactive learning experience in the classroom and beyond. It’s available with an extensive library of apps in the Chrome Web Store and Google Play. Also available for purchase is a new collection of six creativity apps. What’s more, the optional Google Workspace for Education and the Chrome Education Upgrade streamline administrative tasks and provide a centralized, easy-to-use management system for IT admins.

Power through your day.

Seamless security

Chromebooks are secure by design, enabling IT to provide trusted applications to students and teachers while also protecting against threats. Plus, the Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 3 comes equipped with a front-camera privacy shutter that ensures the webcam is off—everyone is protected from hackers and the embarrassing possibility of leaving your camera on unintentionally.

Just say the word.

  • Comes equipped with rubber bumpers to help withstand drops.
  • Wi-Fi 6 support, optional 4G LTE connectivity, and Bluetooth 5.1 capability keep users connected anywhere learning happens.
  • The battery lasts 11.5 hours on one charge, plus the device has a variety of ports that make it a snap to connect everything from printers to external displays.
  • Its 11.6-inch and 720p HD front ­facing camera makes it easy to stay connected with classmates while learning remotely and helps teachers keep the in-­person learning feel.
Technical specifications

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