Super-Tough Outdoor APSuper-Tough Outdoor AP


AP One Flex

The AP One Flex 802.11ac Outdoor Access Point includes an IP55 enclosure, integrated directional MIMO antenna, supports 16 SSIDs, WPA-2 encryption and more

3-Port Switch

3-Port Switch

Connect to all of your devices, wired and wireless. Hooking up cameras, video surveillance, and even another AP One Flex is a breeze thanks to a built-in GE port and a PoE input.

User Access Control

User Access Control

Control network access with separate logins for each user group. AP One access points support up to 16 SSIDs, each with independent bandwidth limits and web blocking.

MIMO Directional Antenna

MIMO Directional Antenna

Forget about outboard antennas. The Flex has MIMO directional antennas built right in.


MU-MIMO offers significantly increased efficiency to your network. Now multiple client devices can receive data simultaneously through AP One Flex MU-MIMO and beamforming antenna technology, which concentrates and steers radio signals towards specific client devices.

Waterproof Enclosure

Provide Wave 2 ac Wi-Fi in more places with Flex. The tough IP55 rated enclosure is perfect for outdoor environments as well as other dusty and moist locations.

Social Wi-Fi Hotspot

Guests can now access your Wi-Fi hotspot with their Facebook login. In exchange, you can learn more about your customer base with insightful reports

Centralized Management

Configure AP One Flex onsite or from the cloud. Peplink AP Controller lets you locally manage access points from your Balance router, while InControl 2 offers a complete cloud-based solution accessible from any web-browser.

Complete Network Solution

Enjoy better network integration and performance. AP One access points are a perfect complement to Balance routers, together providing blazing speed and superior reliability across your entire network.

Technical specifications

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