Industrial – Grade 4G LTE/3G RouterIndustrial – Grade 4G LTE/3G Router


MAX BR1 Classic

The BR1 Classic comes with a rugged metal enclosure, and a wide range of certifications at an affordable price.

Supports Python

Supports Python

GPIO Terminal Block

GPIO Terminal Block

Small Form Factor

Small Form Factor

Automatic Failover 4G LTE Mobile Router MAX BR1 #3

Deploy & Forget

Set up your BR1 Classic in minutes, and then let it connect your network for years without worry. The current uptime record for a Peplink device is 1,252 days and counting.

Fleet Tracking and Management

With built-in GPS fleet tracking and InControl 2 cloud-based management, you can keep tabs on location and manage your mobile network from any Internet-connected device. InControl 2 is our cloud based device management, monitoring, and reporting tool designed specifically for Peplink and Pepwave devices.

Customizable Captive Portal

Branding your captive portal is as easy as uploading your logo & terms and conditions. You can easily set bandwidth allowance and access duration per user or manage access using RADIUS server. With social Wi-Fi Hotspot support, you can also receive valuable demographic data from your users.

Technical specifications

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