MAX BR1 Pro 5GMAX BR1 Pro 5G


MAX BR1 Pro 5G

The ‘classic goes sonic’, why? The BR1 Pro 5G is integrated with the new generation multi-core CPU ensuring delivery of gigabit speeds. Achieving 800% faster speeds than the original BR1 Classic.


Hot Failover

Advanced Network Management and GPS Tracking

Solid Hardened Design

Full Function Mobile Router

Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6

Experience less interference and connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

Deploy with Confidence

Just like the original BR1 Classic, the BR1 Pro 5G has also been certified to meet the standards of a wide array of deployment criteria.

Available with PrimeCare

The economical way to build your secure SpeedFusion network.

Experience it all with PrimeCare.

Experience on-demand connectivity with SpeedFusion Connect

Enabling the benefits of SpeedFusion has just gotten easier with SpeedFusion Connect. Allowing you to leverage the LTE of multiple connections and SpeedFusion technologies all under one subscription. Enabling backup connectivity has never been so simple!

Technical specifications

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