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SpeedFusion Engine Cam

The SpeedFusion Engine Cam (SFE Cam) uses SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding technology to combine the reliability and bandwidth of two cellular connections and Wi-Fi, giving you rock solid data link for live streaming*. With redundant SIM slots, the SFE Cam gives you a total of four SIM cards to select from. WAN Smoothing and FEC protect your video stream from the effects of packet loss.

Mobile Wireless Hub

With its Wi-Fi radio, the SFE Cam turns your IP camera into a portable hotspot with VPN access to headquarters. You can use this hotspot to connect laptops to begin post-processing, or even connect another IP camera for video streaming. Having a hotspot that travels with your IP camera gives you additional flexibility when and where you need it the most.


Centrally Manage Data Plans, Track Location

Use GPS to track the location of each IP camera, ensuring that the event is covered from all angles. For deployments involving multiple IP cameras and pooled SIM data, you can use the InControl central management platform to monitor SIM card data usage. If your network goes over the bandwidth limit on any SIM card or SIM pool, you will receive e-mail notifications.

Technical specifications

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