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Premier Wireless & Somatix Form New Partnership to Bring Novel Gesture-Based Remote Patient Monitoring Technology to Healthcare Organizations and Programs

Over the past few years, digital and virtual healthcare solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, labs, clinics, and the home healthcare industry have evolved from a novelty to a necessity.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 14, 2024 - Over the past few years, digital and virtual healthcare solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, labs, clinics, and the home healthcare industry have evolved from a novelty to a necessity. Due to this evolutionary change in the healthcare landscape, telehealth, remote monitoring, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) have become essential to healthcare. Tools for workforce management and communication must seamlessly merge to provide digital monitoring, coordination, and various technical resources at the touch of a button.

Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions, Inc., an Elite T-Mobile partner, has enabled innovation, communication, safety, and transformation for 30 years through novel technologies that address consumers’ needs. Premier’s novel CPR³ Program for healthcare patients provides a convenient, comprehensive, and customizable platform for connecting people to the resources they need most, including those for healthcare, to enable health and well-being monitoring and promotion.

Somatix, a leader in wearable remote monitoring, believes in the power of innovating artificial intelligence technologies to provide insights that empower people to thrive in their health and wellness. Somatix does this by capturing users’ Activities of Daily Living using novel gesture detection from a wrist-based wearable smart band to provide alerts, reminders, notifications, insights, and predictive analytics around them to care teams and partners. In addition to proprietary algorithms for fluid intake, falling, and smoking detection, Somatix has partnered with Roche Pharmaceuticals and Beta-i to develop a first-of-its-kind medication adherence wearable algorithm.

“We are confident that bringing our solutions together will provide the resources necessary for creating positive change in the healthcare ecosystem. Care is increasingly moving out of the hospital and into non-acute settings and patients’ homes,” said Dr. Charles Herman, Somatix’s CEO. Jessica Bradley, Somatix’s Director of Sales, said, “We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with Premier Wireless to bring the most advanced technologies to users who can benefit from remote monitoring, helping keep them safer and healthier in their

“We’ve been looking for the right partner to leverage the full capabilities that our CPR³ Program offers in the home healthcare and telehealth space; Somatix’s technologies offer that advantage,” said Premier Wireless President & CEO Lea Bogle. “We believe this partnership will provide individuals needing ongoing healthcare monitoring with essential technology to receive consistent and reliable access to the care they require from their healthcare providers and caregivers.”

Somatix is a powerful wearable device that enhances the remote patient monitoring experience. It offers an easy-to-use solution for detecting key health metrics, making it ideal for individuals living alone, those with additional health concerns, or those seeking to overcome substance abuse. This device enables remote monitoring for families or organizations, ensuring that necessary care is provided when needed,” said Rocky Cross, National Healthcare Sales Manager with Premier Wireless. “When paired with CPR³, individuals can connect with healthcare providers for telehealth services and with family members for support, in addition to accessing other health and community resources. CPR³ provides a HIPAA-compliant environment that can be remotely controlled and customized for individuals needing healthcare and other vital resources.”


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About Premier Wireless
Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions specializes in technology that enables safety, innovation, communication, and transformation. Premier’s CPR³ solution, powered by T-Mobile, provides a lifeline to some of the most basic yet critical local and national resources, including food, housing, healthcare, and crisis hotlines for our country’s most vulnerable citizens. Furthermore, it can change lives by providing access to educational resources, job training, healthcare, and transportation. Each CPR³ device includes a hand-held computing device, high-speed 5G internet access, and hotspot functionality to connect additional devices to the internet.

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