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Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions Receives a Prestigious T-Mobile Award for Finding a Missing Student Using a CPR³

The Premier team used the CPR³ management portal to pinpoint and provide the device's last known location, which allowed police to locate the child.

Houston, TX – T-Mobile awarded Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions with its Community Champion award after a CPR³ device was used to locate an absent 5-year-old Wichita, Kansas, Elementary School student.

The child had been absent from school for three weeks. The school district had given her father a CPR³ device as part of its initiative to stay connected to vulnerable students.

Staff tried several times to call the father's CPR³ but never received an answer. Finally, they went to the child's last known address, but when she was not there, they became extremely worried and called Premier Wireless for help.

The Premier team was able to use the CPR³ management portal to pinpoint and provide the device's last known location. Police went to the address, found the father and child, and took them to a shelter.

The award recognizes the difference Premier Wireless is making in communities around the country.

"We were very excited to learn that the CPR³ platform was instrumental in keeping a child safe. We are so proud to be able to partner with Lea Bogle and everyone at Premier Wireless to support their mission of using technology to make a difference and keep vulnerable people safe. This is a perfect example of how her company is doing just that," said Michelle Santo, National Account Manager for T-Mobile for Government Partner Solutions.

"We are proud to be a T-Mobile Elite Partner and grateful to have received this prestigious award. It means a lot and is a testament to the fact that my team and I can have such a meaningful and powerful impact on people in need," said Lea Bogle, President & CEO of Premier Wireless.

Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions specializes in technology that enables safety, innovation, communication, and transformation for schools and other organizations in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. Premier's CPR³ is a purpose-driven device customized to provide access to critical resources that positively change lives, specifically focused on ending homelessness, improving access to healthcare, increasing student success, making schools safer, and more.

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