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Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions Unveils their RhinoWare Door Barricade

Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions has introduced the RhinoWare Smart Door Barricade that can resist several thousand pounds, thus keeping classrooms and other buildings safe from intruders.


Houston, TX - January 25, 2021 - Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions has been changing the workplace with their new ambitious technology in nearly every way possible. Now, they bring their innovation to the classroom with their RhinoWare® Door Barricade. Why is it called "RhinoWare," you ask? Well, that is because not even a rhino could break down a door with one of these barricades behind it!

The door barricade, though simple in design, is able to resist several thousand pounds of force. There is no tool or key required to activate the door barricade. It is designed to be easy-to-use in a situation of high stress, when one's motor skills may be impaired due to the intensity of the situation.

"We wanted to really make sure that there was absolutely nothing that could break down a door backed by our barricades," said Lea Bogle of Premier Wireless. Simply lift up the tab on the locking mechanism, let it fall naturally, and within one second the entire room is safe from intruders. "Sometimes simplicity is the most effective method in design." a representative from Premier Wireless commented.

With RhinoWare Connect, not only will the room be safe, but first responders will be alerted within 15 seconds! In serious situations, there is no time to waste, and the RhinoWare Door Barricade can ensure haste with this innovative technology.

RhinoWare Connect also provides an interactive floor plan to see not only a floor plan, but also which rooms have their door barricades activated. This can be crucial for not only the security of the building, but also for first responders who need this critical information in a serious situation.

The RhinoWare® Smart Door Barricade can also send alerts and notifications right to your phone to keep you updated in real-time. This can keep administrators, security staff, and first responders all on the same page to ensure optimal communication during an emergency situation.

The Premier Wireless webpage is an easy-to-navigate site where users can view all sorts of fascinating products. To keep clients informed, they have also provided a blog used to inform readers about everything relating to their work and the advancement of technology. They also hold frequent, free webinars for anybody to join!

Safety is a matter of great importance, and with the RhinoWare® Door Barricade, you can enter buildings with ease of mind. Premier Wireless is not only dedicated to maintaining the utmost quality of their products, but also to keep you safe! Let Premier Wireless make your building more secure today! For more information, you can visit their website at

About Premier Wireless:

Premier Wireless has been a trusted technology advisor, providing innovative solutions for education, healthcare, government, hospitality, enterprise, and SMB companies. We are a strategic partner in addressing the digital divide, improving communication, embracing technology, and enhancing safety.

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