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School Transportation News Podcast Episode #107

Lea Bogle discusses school bus safety and how school districts can access critical federal funding to increase school safety and close the learning gap.

Bridging the Gap between School Districts and Federal Funding

The CEO of Premier Wireless, Lea Bogle, recently appeared on the School Transportation Nation podcast. This podcast is managed by School Transportation Magazine, which is the country’s largest pupil transportation focused magazine. Ms. Bogle was invited to the podcast as an industry expert on school bus Wi-Fi and discusses how school districts can access critical federal funding to increase school safety and close the learning gap. This funding allows school districts to install routers on their buses to provide bus Wi-Fi and extend classroom learning time, which has been a hot topic for pupil transportation. New funding is now available for school bus technology to improve safety, minimize disruptive behavior, and focus on student ridership via daily manifests and parent apps.

“When you add that technology on the buses, it really streamlines operations for the transportation department as well." said Bogle during the podcast.

The driving force behind the renewed vigor for school bus technology comes from student ridership. As Ms. Bogle detailed in the podcast, from a testimony from an Iowa School district, it is apparent that a common concern shared by schools, parents and all is accountability of students. When school bus incidents occur, student ridership allows parents an easy way to confirm whether their child was present and school districts have easy path to accountability. Real-time cameras, daily manifests and paired parent apps all contribute to student ridership.

Click below for the full podcast to learn more about how school bus wi-fi and student ridership can improve safety and help districts close the learning gap.

About Premier Wireless:
Premier Wireless is a trusted technology advisor, providing innovative solutions for education, local and state governments, non-profits and healthcare agencies. We are a strategic partner in addressing the digital divide, improving communication, embracing technology, and enhancing safety.

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