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School Transportation News Podcast

Lea Bogle discusses the benefits of school bus wi-fi and the Emergency Connectivity Fund.

Lea Bogle, President & CEO of Premier Wireless, was recently featured on the STN podcast with Tony Corpin, Publisher & President of School Transportation News. During their discussion, Lea talked about all of the benefits of school bus wi-fi from the basics of extended learning time to remote access to onboard cameras.

School bus wi-fi allows students to utilize travel time during daily commutes or for extracurricular activities to complete their schoolwork. Not only does this help students develop time management skills and get more sleep at night, but it helps them arrive at school better prepared for the day. As an added bonus, students that are occupied on the bus are less disruptive too.

Remote camera access saves critical time during an emergency situation. With school bus wi-fi from Premier Wireless, you can access DVRs in real-time. No more waiting for the buses to return to the depot and waiting for someone to manually download footage.

The Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) provides the necessary funding to make school bus wi-fi more affordable than ever. In addition to providing funding for the initial hardware installation, the ECF can also cover monthly service charges through June 2022.

Click below for the full podcast to learn more about why school bus wi-fi is the ideal long-term, sustainable solution.

About Premier Wireless:
Premier Wireless is a trusted technology advisor, providing innovative solutions for education, local and state governments, non-profits and healthcare agencies. We are a strategic partner in addressing the digital divide, improving communication, embracing technology, and enhancing safety.

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