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Students Advocate for Bus Wi‑Fi

Students schedule a meeting with Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions to find out how they can help their school district get wi-fi on their school buses.

It was business as usual when Lea Bogle, President & CEO of Premier Wireless, received a meeting request through the chat function of her company website and a meeting was scheduled to discuss Premier’s ConnectED Bus Wi-Fi solution. Lea, and her team joined the video meeting and were immediately surprised to find two high school students and not a school administrator.

The students had contacted Premier Wireless in an effort to find out how they could get wi-fi on their school buses. Both students rode the bus for daily commutes to and from school, and to and from sporting competitions. They spoke about an average bus route being an hour a day and about traveling as much as 3 hours (one way) to a sporting event and then having to do homework until 1:00 am in the morning, after they got home from a game. They wanted the ability to complete their homework on the bus so they could get to bed sooner, be better rested and better prepared for school the next day.

To watch this short video where the students summarize why they need and want wi-fi on their school buses, click here:

In today’s society, we expect free wi-fi in coffee shops and restaurants, on mass transit and airplanes, even neighborhood parks; so why don’t we provide wi-fi for students on the school bus?

The national daily average commute is 45 minutes each way, which equates to 7 ½ hours per week. Students in sports average and additional 3-6 hours per week on the bus.

Bus wi-fi provides extended learning time, allowing students to maximize travel time and turn it into study time. Students can complete and submit homework assignments, do research or study for a test. Simultaneously, while they’re riding the bus, they’re learning lifelong skills to help them with work/life balance and time management.

Bus wi-fi is cost effective and sustainable. Our ConnectED Bus wi-fi solution, built with a Peplink Max Transit router and coupled with T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan, can be less than a penny per day, per student.

There is $7.17 Billion of funding available for this school year thru the Emergency Connectivity Fund. This fund has the potential to provide up to 100% funding needed for the hardware and the service thru June 2022. However, all applications must be submitted by August 13th, 2021.

Bus wi-fi provides extended learning time, increases student performance and improves student outcomes, simply because students have a chance to start their day prepared.

If not now, when?

About Premier Wireless:
Premier Wireless is a trusted technology advisor, providing innovative solutions for education, local and state governments, non-profits and healthcare agencies. We are a strategic partner in addressing the digital divide, improving communication, embracing technology, and enhancing safety.

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