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Wichita, Kansas School District Uses a Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions CPR³ to Locate a Missing Student

The Premier team was able to use the CPR³ management portal to pinpoint and provide the device's last known location. Police went to the address, and found the father and child.

Houston, TX - Wichita, Kansas School District 259 family support workers were concerned when a 5-year-old student was absent for three weeks.

The Wichita Public School (WPS) McKinney-Vento staff had given the student's parent a Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions CPR³ device as a way to stay connected. They distributed 60 of them to students, staff, and parents with the primary purpose of facilitating communication between family support workers, students, and parents.

Staff tried several times to call the father's CPR³ device, but never received an answer. Finally, they went to the child's last known address, but when she was not there, they became extremely worried and called Premier Wireless for help.

The Premier team was able to use the CPR³ management portal to pinpoint and provide the device's last known location. Police went to the address, found the father and child, and took them to a shelter where the McKinney-Vento support worker helped stabilize the child's situation.

"We are so happy the child was found unharmed. If it wasn't for the CPR³ and Premier Wireless, we might not have been able to locate her. The device has been an extremely valuable tool in connecting our students to staff and keeping them safe. The number of families in our program has doubled since last year, so communication is critical. We are so thankful for our partnership with Lea Bogle and the Premier Wireless team," said Cynthia Martinez, Homeless Education Liaison.

In addition to being a valuable safety tool, the CPR³ platform has been instrumental in allowing family support workers to communicate with students and parents. The device also helps the district streamline its support services and improve student engagement. Parents with a CPR³ can use it to notify the school if their child is sick, needs community resources, or has moved to a new location.

The district continues to raise awareness among its staff, students, and parents about the importance of the CPR³ device and, in addition to communication, its ability to connect students to uniquely tailored resources on the platform, such as content-filtered internet access, email, and apps for homework, transportation, food, and housing.

"We are proud to support the Wichita School District in helping to keep their students safe. The fact that Premier's CPR³ was used to locate a student aligns perfectly with Premier's mission of enabling innovation, communication, safety, and transformation through technology," said Lea Bogle, President & CEO of Premier Wireless.

Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions specializes in technology that enables safety, innovation, communication, and transformation for schools and other organizations in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. Premier's CPR³ is a purpose-driven device customized to provide access to critical resources that positively change lives, specifically focused on ending homelessness, improving access to healthcare, increasing student success, making schools safer, and more.

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