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Connected Heroes

Premier's custom solutions give first responders the correct equipment to respond rapidly in emergencies; our rugged products, such as MDTs, phones, and tablets, help our heroes keep themselves and the public safe by ensuring the durability and quality they need. Providing a robust network is also essential to ensure secure and reliable connectivity. Premier also offers a push-to-talk solid communication.

Connecting People to Resources

CPR³ for First Responders

Premier's CPR³ Solution is a convenient, handheld solution connecting First Responders to needed resources. It transforms a smart device into a handheld computer, providing unlimited communication and ensuring consistent, reliable voice and text communication. It has a push-to-talk capability to provide fast, reliable, mission-critical communication between first responders and local agencies. The CPR³ Solution offers unlimited internet access and software, streamlining the process to remotely pre-load applications and web links.

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Rugged MDTs & Laptops

First Responders do their best work in unforgiving environments, requiring devices equal to the task without sacrificing performance, features, or functionality. Premier understands this concept and provides devices to meet the specific requirements of all our First Responders. Our Rugged MDT solutions are engineered to incorporate features, functionality, and durability to enhance productivity and efficiency. Military-grade design can withstand increased resistance to daily wear and tear and constant transportation from a vehicle to a desk. First Responders can always have continuous access to their mission-critical data and apps.

Rugged Phones

First Responders require a device that can withstand whatever their job entails; a rugged phone can be the solution. Rugged Smartphones are industry standard for district-issued devices for First Responders and incorporate a computer's functionality and ability to provide messaging and calling capabilities. A rugged phone combines many of the same benefits as a smartphone but with enhanced protection that safeguards this vital communications tool.

A smartphone also provides a push-to-talk that aids communications on hand-held mobile devices and delivers better situational awareness for first responders in the field with emergency operations centers to convey critical data.

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Rugged Tablets

Our Rugged Tablet Solution is customizable and engineered to meet the needs of First Responders by incorporating features, performance, functionality, and durability to enhance productivity, efficiency, and response time. Premier's tablets provide portability, including the functions and features of a traditional laptop. They are water-resistant, military-grade, allowing First Responders to work effectively on any scene or environment. At their core, our tablet solutions increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and improve response times while lending themselves to ease of use and accessibility.

Grants Funding

Grants are essential in funding schools, government agencies, and healthcare and non-profit organizations by providing financial support for specific programs and projects.

Premier is committed to helping our clients research grant opportunities to identify potential funding opportunities.

We can help develop proposals that align with the school or agency's goals and objectives through collaboration.

By working together, we can help build capacity for our clients and help them increase their ability to secure the funding needed for essential programs and projects.

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