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Emergency Preparedness

Whether natural disasters, weather events, or acts of violence, we offer emergency preparedness kits that assist in life-threatening conditions and devastation. Premiers' Go-Kit and Network-to-Go kit enables First Responders to communicate anywhere, anytime, where durable devices and connectivity are essential. Our Emergency Preparedness Kits provide portable, rugged devices & routers to withstand the most challenging environments and secure networks they can rely on.

Premier Go-Kit

Communication is vital for First Responders during unexpected events and emergencies; it is essential to have a reliable source that is always active and ready to deploy at any given notice. Premier's Go-Kit is perfect for providing and reinforcing communication continuity during incidents by preparing preprogrammed and active phones, tablets, or hotspots for immediate distribution to your emergency response team. Premier also provides a selection of mobile devices and accessories paired with low-cost plans to fit the needs.

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5G Mobile Network-in-a-Box

Accessing information is highly important for First Responders to do their work: to communicate, protect, and provide safety when needed. The Premier 5G Mobile Network-in-a-Box provides on-the-spot connectivity and maintains an uninterrupted connection and communication, offering data-driven decisions; while providing availability, accuracy, and saving time. The 5G Mobile Network-in-a-Box can be ready to go within one minute; open the box, turn it on, and open the vents. Premier also provides a selection of routers and network accessories paired with low-cost plans.

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Grants Funding

Grants are essential in funding schools, government agencies, and healthcare and non-profit organizations by providing financial support for specific programs and projects.

Premier is committed to helping our clients research grant opportunities to identify potential funding opportunities.

We can help develop proposals that align with the school or agency's goals and objectives through collaboration.

By working together, we can help build capacity for our clients and help them increase their ability to secure the funding needed for essential programs and projects.

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