Designed for government and business enterprise use, ESChat includes a rich feature set that supports the needs of the serious workforce.

Enterprise Secure Chat (ESChat)

ESChat is designed for government and business enterprise use. ESChat provides robust attributes that support and facilitate reliable mission-critical communication engineered for government and enterprise applications. ESChat (Enterprise Secure Chat) affords PTT (Push-To-Talk) service with 99.999% mission-critical service availability. ESChat combines the operational advantages of PTT with the interference resistance and other virtues of mobile communications.

Use Cases

  • Law Enforcement (Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies)
  • Utilities (Water, Power, Electric, and General Services)
  • Transportation (Trucking, Taxi, Limo, Towing, Bus, etc.)
  • Health Care (Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Transportation)
  • Construction (Contractors, Inspectors, Drivers, etc.)
  • Education (School Districts, and Universities)
  • Hospitality (Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Concierge)

ESChat Features

  • P25 Interoperability via ISSI with AES-256 Encryption
  • P25 Encryption key distribution
  • Multi-Call Mode (Up to 4 simultaneous calls)
  • QoS & RAN priority available
  • Wireless Carrier Independent
  • Fastest Call Setup
  • Best MOS Voice Quality Scores
  • Live and Historical Location Tracking
  • Voice Privacy
  • User and Group Priority
  • Priority Broadcast Calling
  • Encrypted Account Management Transactions
  • Direct interface to Public Safety and LMR networks

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