RhinoWare Connect™

The best, last line of defense.

Slow the progress of active shooters while accelerating the response speed of security and police teams.

RhinoWare Connect attached to classroom door

Fully self-contained.

The barricade itself is a substantial yet simple mechanism that can fortify an ordinary entryway door against several thousand pounds of direct, sustained force. With no requirement for a key or a special tool to engage, it is simple enough for a 4-year-old to operate—and since many suffer from impaired fine motor skills while under attack, simple operation can mean even more than just a few seconds of extra time.

1-second lockdown.

Activating the RhinoWare® Door Barricade is as simple as lifting a tab on the locking mechanism and letting it fall, self-guided, into place within the anchored floor plate. No need to open the door to engage the device or locate parts necessary to engage. So simple—yet extremely effective.

Calls for help.

As soon as it goes into lockdown mode, RhinoWare Connect alerts your first responders and other key personnel in less than 15 seconds—significantly cutting the average response time. In the Marshall County H.S. shooting, where it took 2 minutes to notify 911, this would have saved up to 1:45 of precious time.

RhinoWare Connect web portal shows that a barricade has been engaged in room 227

Mission control.

RhinoWare Connect includes a web portal where you have access to a floor plan of all your buildings and the lockdown status of each RhinoWare Connect-equipped room. Not only is this great for your security personnel, it’s also tactically useful in the event of a lockdown, since police officers can see which rooms went into lockdown and when.

Hand holding iPhone with SMS alert that classroom 214 door barricade has been engaged

Text & email alerts.

You can configure alerts to go to your security team, school administration, and even local law enforcement—enabling your staff to respond quickly to abuse by bullies and helping local law enforcement respond even more quickly to more serious emergencies.