Galaxy S10+Galaxy S10+


Galaxy S10+

Exceed expectations with unparalleled processing power and store all your data with more memory.

Cinematic Infinity Display

Cinematic Infinity Display

Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID

Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID

Pro-grade Camera

Pro-grade Camera

Wireless Power Share

Wireless Power Share



unlocked by samsungunlocked by samsung

Choose Your Best Network

Now you can easily optimize cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity by accessing the best network and plan at the moment,¹⁰ and stop paying more than necessary with monthly plans. Unlocked by Samsung smartphones work on most major U.S. networks and allow international business travelers to take advantage of lower local rates.¹¹

unlocked smartphonesunlocked smartphones

Shed the Bloatware

When you get an Unlocked by Samsung smartphone, it has no pre-loaded carrier apps, so your organization can deliver a more predictable and consistent experience across devices and have greater freedom to customize device software.

Samsung DeXSamsung DeX

Desktop Computing, Mobile-Powered

Connect the Galaxy S10+ to any monitor with the DeX adapter, and it has the power to perform like a desktop PC.² Using DeX, you can access your desktop anywhere with enterprise-ready VDI solutions.⁷ With access to Microsoft Office Mobile,⁸ you can view spreadsheets, presentations and documents anytime, anyplace. Working just got better, wherever you are. No laptop. No issue.

smartphone camerasmartphone camera

Take the Bigger Picture

The Galaxy S10+ for business has five cameras, helping you take true-to-life pictures, even in low-light environments. The Pro-grade Camera lets you capture images just as your eyes see them—whether you’re in the field or a meeting room. Capture a detail or scale to snap your full eye’s view and instantly share them with colleagues. The 16MP ultra-wide lens ensures you don’t miss a single detail.

Infinity O displayInfinity O display

A Bigger Space for Working

See more than ever before with up to a 6.4” Infinity display. The flawless glass screen has no margins at the top or bottom, and no home button or notch. So, it’s perfect for viewing and editing documents on the go and makes it easy to multi-task across different apps. Sure to turn heads in any environment, the stunning display gives you a better view of presentations, photos or anything you need for work.

Samsung One UISamsung One UI

Effortless Use So You Can Focus on What Matters

See only what you need, find focus in what you’re doing and use your phone in a way that feels like second nature. Our new One UI works with the way you use your phone. Screens are uncluttered, icons pop and we’ve made it easier to use one-handed.

smartphone ultrasonic fingerprint IDsmartphone ultrasonic fingerprint ID

Security at Your Fingertips

Secure your phone like never before with Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID.⁹ Simply press your finger and unlock with the first touch. It’s quick and easy to use, so you can access files and get to work in an instant. It works in almost any light, rain or shine, the smallest conference rooms and the great outdoors. The in-display sensor reads every ridge and notch of your finger, to ensure your sensitive data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Knox securityKnox security

Defense-Grade Security for an Open World

The Galaxy S10+ is protected by Samsung Knox, our defense-grade security platform built from the chip up. No matter where you and your team go or what you do, you can be sure your business’ data stays secure with superior protection that’s easy to manage.³

mobility softwaremobility software

Open Customization Meets Management Control

From device configuration, enrollment and management to advanced mobile security controls and updates, Samsung has the mobility software and enterprise mobility services you need for every stage of the device lifecycle.

long lasting smartphone batterylong lasting smartphone battery

All-Day Intelligent Battery

In work and in life, there’s never a good time to lose power. With the Galaxy S10+, you get our most intelligent battery yet, designed to keep you working longer. Using machine learning, the Galaxy S10+ tracks your habits, intuitively monitoring when you need battery life the most. So, even when you are in back-to-back meetings or using power-hungry Bluetooth and business apps, you don’t have to worry about losing charge.¹

wireless power sharingwireless power sharing

Wireless PowerShare

Give colleagues or clients a boost when they’re low on power, or go on a business trip without half a dozen different chargers. Simply place your earbuds, smartwatch or smartphone—even one that isn’t Samsung—on the back of your Galaxy S10+ to transfer your battery’s charge.⁶

biometric authenticationbiometric authentication

The Truly Intelligent Smartphone

Work smarter with the intelligent phone that optimizes its performance for you. The Galaxy S10+ uses machine learning to understand your daily usage patterns, loading what you need and closing what you don’t do to drive performance throughout the day. It works in the background to optimize your activity, predicting what you need for all the ways your work.

Bixby RoutinesBixby Routines

Simplified Routines, for a Maximized Work Day

Learning from the way you work, the Galaxy S10+ monitors apps in the background to optimize how they serve you. Bixby anticipates what you need before you need it, keeping you to your set routines, and maybe even recommending a new one. Observant, helpful intelligence that helps maximize your work day.

expandable storageexpandable storage

Store More, Delete Less

Expand the 128GB storage up to 512GB more with a MicroSD Card.⁴

smartphone RAMsmartphone RAM

Accelerate Your Performance

8GB of RAM allows you to multitask quickly and effortlessly.

water resistant phoneswater resistant phones

Conquer the Elements

With an IP68 Rating, the Galaxy S10+ is water and dust resistant so your team can use it worry-free.⁵

wireless chargingwireless charging

Charge Fast

Avoid the wires and power up quickly by placing your phone on a Fast Wireless Charger.⁶

Managed Mobility Services

Find out how managed mobility services can help empower your workers and unburden your IT team.

ProCare Enterprise Technical Support

Learn how Samsung ProCare delivers mobility technical support, from escalation to development, to help keep your business running smoothly.

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The Next Mobile Economy: Born Disruptive

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