Galaxy Tab Active2 8.0" Galaxy Tab Active2 8.0"


Galaxy Tab Active2 8.0"

A rugged tablet with the tools to drive efficiency.

military tablet

Take on everything

The Galaxy Tab Active2 was subjected to 21 rigorous tests for MIL-STD 810G certification, and it passed them all: drops, shocks and vibrations, high/low temperatures and humidity, and even high altitudes. Your team can take this rugged tablet just about anywhere—because it’s as tough as they are.¹

rough tablet

Conquer the Elements

With an IP68 rating, this tough tablet is water- and dust-resistant, so your team can use it worry-free, anywhere. It can even survive for a half-hour in five-foot-deep water, and keep right on working.²

tablet s pen

Just grip it and go

This ruggedized tablet comes with a water-resistant S Pen² that makes working more intuitive. The S Pen looks and feels like a typical pen but allows your team members to easily jot down digital notes, sketch ideas or capture signatures without missing a beat.

weather resistant tablet

Always in its element

With the Galaxy Tab Active2’s Enhanced Touch options, water and protective gear don’t get in the way. Rain and snow simply roll off the water-resistant screen² and Glove mode makes things easy for protected hands.

augmented reality

A productive new reality

Equipped with tracking tools—including an accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and a geomagnetic sensor—the Galaxy TabActive2 can be loaded with third-party applications that let you deploy your team for easier in-field asset management and quicker equipment inspections. With augmented reality (AR) capabilities, your team is smarter and faster.

pogo tablet

A connection that lasts

The heavy-duty POGO Pin connector means rock-solid dependability. Use it to quickly connect and charge a group of devices all at once, or to easily attach a laptop keyboard. The rugged POGO Pin makes it easier for your team to get it all done. See an example with the Portsmith Multi-Slot Dock.

tablet with best battery life

Stronger, longer charge

This durable tablet’s long-lasting battery keeps your team connected up to 11 hours.³ And when it’s time, the Galaxy Tab Active2’s battery can be easily replaced right in the field for another 11 hours of use. Just load a fully charged battery into a field pack and power on.

rugged tablet cases

Make it right for your team

The Galaxy Tab Active2 works seamlessly with an ecosystem of partners so you can equip your tablets for the way your team gets business done. With an array of third-party software, apps and hardware accessories like rugged tablet cases, adapters and vehicle mounts, the Galaxy Tab Active2 can become virtually customized for any workforce.

tablet camera

Clarity is everything

The Galaxy Tab Active2’s camera makes your workforce more efficient. A high-resolution front and rear camera makes it easy for your team to easily capture clear, crisp images anywhere and scan barcodes, QR codes and ID documents while in the field.

biometric authentication

Unlock with a look

With facial recognition capability, your team can unlock their tablets without their hands. In the office or in the field, just a look opens their unique devices so busy or gloved hands are no problem. Facial recognition keeps work moving forward, seamlessly.

tablet security

Defense-grade security for an open world

Samsung Knox is our proprietary security platform built from the chip up for superior protection and easy manageability. Knox keeps hackers out and your company’s data secure from the second it turns on.⁴

tablet with fingerprint scanner

No one touches your data

The right fingerprint means the right user. And the Galaxy Tab Active2’s integrated fingerprint scanner makes securing your data and unlocking it as quick as touching the home key.

Knox Configure

Easy changes and updates

We make it easy to deploy and manage your workforce’s mobile technology. With Knox Configure, our cloud-based management solution, you can configure your devices, push security patches and deploy application updates, all remotely. Now it’s as easy to manage hundreds of devices as it is one.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Enroll all devices at once

Enroll all of your team’s devices at once, without having to manually enroll each one. With Knox Mobile Enrollment, your employees can just power on their devices and connect to the network to enroll. So you can save time and ensure that devices are secure and under your control, from the moment your team starts using them.

Knox Manage

Management made easy

Knox Manage is a cloud-based solution with an affordable license fee that provides a simple deployment process to help you address your team’s security concerns. Restrict employees’ access to certain apps or websites, and remotely wipe and support your team’s devices, so you never have to worry about compromising your company’s data.

Samsung FOTA

Take complete control

The Galaxy Tab Active2 comes with Samsung’s Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air (E-FOTA) built-in. E-FOTA enables remote device management, test updates and control over firmware and OS updates while allowing your devices to remain in the field.⁵

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