Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5" Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5"


Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5"

Engage with customers in more ways and in more places than ever before.

Super AMOLED Display

Crisp, Clear, Captivating

A stunningly bright state-of-the-art Super AMOLED display is bigger, wider and better than ever. The new 10.5” display with 16:10 ratio gives you more room for dynamic, on-the-spot presentations.

Samsung DeX Dual Mode

DeX Means More Doing

When the Tab S5e is connected to a workstation via DeX, you can use Dual Mode to turn the Tab S5e into a second screen. The Dual Mode experience means your team can watch presentations on a monitor while taking notes on the Tab S5e. With Multi Window, you can view multiple open windows, and with Multi Screen, you can view multiple screens. Getting business done just got easier with the power of DeX.¹

stereo speakers

Cinematic Surround Sound

The strikingly realistic clarity of Dolby Atmos® surrounds you in extraordinary sound, bringing a cinematic experience no matter where you are. And with quad speakers tuned by AKG, you’ll get true-to-life audio quality that’s matched only by the brilliant Galaxy Tab S5e display. Bring presentations, videos and more to life like never before.

Samsung DeX mobile desktop

DeX Gives You a Powerful Desktop-like Experience

Samsung DeX lets your team travel light and make any place a work space. Simply attach the optional keyboard cover, and DeX seamlessly transforms the Tab S5e into a powerful desktop-like experience. Seamlessly juggle apps and programs with the familiar taskbar, while dragging and dropping between windows. Start on your tablet, finish on your desktop.2

long-lasting tablet battery

Powerful, Long-Lasting Battery

When your team has a long-lasting battery of up to 14.5 hours on a single charge, they’re always ready to go. More go with less charge.3

LTE tablet

The World’s Thinnest and Lightest Tablet

The lightest weight (400g) among 10 inch tablets lessens fatigue when holding for a long time, especially for mobile workers in outdoor environments.

expandable storage

Store More, Delete Less

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e gives you all the space you need to take your data and files with you. Choose from 64GB or 128GB of built-in memory,4 and you can expand storage up to additional 512GB with a microSD card.5

Knox security

Defense-grade Security

The Galaxy Tab S5e is protected by Knox, a defense-grade security platform built from the chip up for superior protection that’s easier to manage. No matter where your team goes or what they do, Knox keeps hackers out and your company’s data safe from the second it turns on.6

Knox Platform for Enterprise

Comprehensive Mobile Security and Management

Knox Platform for Enterprise has been designed to meet the stringent needs of leading governments and regulated industries. Featuring advanced configuration and management options, robust VPN connectivity and comprehensive data usage analytics, Knox Platform for Enterprise should be the cornerstone of your mobile security strategy.

Knox Manage

Management Made Easy

Knox Manage is a cost-effective cloud-based EMM solution with an affordable license fee that provides a simple deployment process to help you address your team’s security concerns. Restrict employees’ access to certain apps or websites, and remotely wipe and support your team’s devices, so you never have to worry about compromising your company’s data.

Samsung fota

Take Complete Control

The Galaxy Tab S5e comes with Samsung’s Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air (E-FOTA). E-FOTA enables remote device management, test updates and control over firmware and OS updates while allowing your devices to remain in the field.7

Knox Configure

Easy Changes and Updates

We make it easy to deploy and manage your workforce’s mobile technology. With Knox Configure, our cloud-based management solution, you can provision and customize a large number of devices, push security patches and deploy application updates, all remotely. Now it’s as easy to manage hundreds of devices as it is one.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Enroll All Devices at Once

Enroll all of your team’s devices at once, without having to manually enroll each one. With Knox Mobile Enrollment, your employees can just power on their devices and connect to the network to enroll. So you can save time and ensure that devices are secure and under your control, from the moment your team starts using them.

Knox QuickStart services

Easy to Manage and Customize

Take control and get going with QuickStart. Our experts get you started with Samsung’s cloud-based management solution that lets you remotely manage, configure, and deploy apps for your business’ mobile devices. Let our experts help make managing mobility easy.8

Samsung ProCare services

Customized Care at Every Turn

Samsung’s ProCare delivers mobility technical support, from escalation to development, to help keep your business running smoothly. Your Support Account Manager acts as an extension of your team, putting the power of Samsung expertise at your fingertips and making it easier than ever to implement and manage cutting-edge mobility solutions. ProCare device protection also provides deductible-free assistance to ensure your damaged devices are repaired quickly, to keep your business moving from day one, and every day after.9

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