AirLink MG90/MG90 5G Rugged Multi-Network 4G/5G Vehicle RouterAirLink MG90/MG90 5G Rugged Multi-Network 4G/5G Vehicle Router

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AirLink MG90/MG90 5G Rugged Multi-Network 4G/5G Vehicle Router

The best-in-class AirLink® MG90 is purpose-built for transit, rail, and first responders with dual-Cellular radios and dual Gigabit Wi-Fi delivering always-on connectivity with extensions to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and satellite systems.

AirLink MG90 Features

  • Industry-leading, dual-radio vehicle networking platform
  • Extensible multi-network connectivity with millisecond network switching
  • Mobile, multi-network security with the AirLink Connection Manager (ACM)
  • Instant network insight and control with the AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM)

The AirLink MG90 Primary Applications

The AirLink MG90 is ruggedly designed for mobile mission-critical applications in public safety, transit, and field services. It delivers secure always-on Vehicle Area Networks (VANS) for various use cases, including:

  • Buses/Transit
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Utilities
  • Ambulance/EMS

The AirLink MG90 Advantage

The AirLink MG90 5G LTE provides connectivity that delivers massive amounts of real-time data needed for mission-critical applications. That’s why more than 25% of the top 50 transit agency vehicles and 75% of high-performance EMS systems depend on Sierra Wireless routers. The MG90 offers increased safety, transparency, and compliance while maximizing system expandability and ROI. The AirLink MG90 delivers advanced awareness of fleet operations with built-in vehicle I/O for remote monitoring of auxiliary devices such as light bars, sirens, and gun racks (Law Enforcement).

Device Management

AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM) delivers end-to-end network management that enables simplified, remote and real-time mass configuration, control and troubleshooting.


AirLink Connection Manager (ACM) is a mobile-optimized VPN solution that securely extends the enterprise network to the vehicle.

AirLink Support

Best-in-class support services covering MG90 devices, connected mobile assets and applications.


Tested and certified to provide guaranteed performance with AirLink MG90 devices—designed to connect a wide range of mobile applications in public safety, transit and distributed enterprises.

Technical specifications

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