AirLink RV50X: Industrial LTE RouterAirLink RV50X: Industrial LTE Router

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AirLink RV50X: Industrial LTE Router

The AirLink RV50X delivers LTE broadband connectivity for critical remote fixed assets and industrial IoT infrastructure. With low power consumption, the RV50X can run on battery or solar power.

AirLink RV50X: Industrial LTE Router Features

  • LTE-Advanced performance at 2G power consumption – uses less than 1 watt
  • Ideal for solar-powered applications
  • Ruggedized, industrial grade form factor
  • Enables edge computing applications with ALEOS Application Framework (AAF)
  • Remote, secure network management in the cloud or in the enterprise

Primary Applications for the AirLink RV50X

The use cases for the AirLink RV50X include ruggedized connectivity for fixed assets including:

  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Public Safety
  • SCADA and Metering
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Smart Cities

The AirLink RV50X Advantage

The AirLink RV50X connects to devices in remote locations and harsh environments, while providing lower connectivity costs compared to fiber, landlines, or private networks. The RV50X can also deploy in off-grid locations using battery or solar power and maximize the ROI and longevity of remotely deployed equipment.

AirLink Complete

AirLink Complete is a subscription service that combines best-in-class device management software through AirLink Management Service (ALMS), industry-leading technical support and an extended warranty option. It delivers a cost-effective way to ensure your mission-critical infrastructure operates at peak efficiency. AirLink Complete is included free for 1 year with the purchase of a new RV50X.

Device Management

AirLink Management Service (ALMS) is a secure cloud-based device
management solution that supports over-the-air registration, configuration, and software updates. ALMS Advanced Reporting and Analytics (ALMS ARA) adds advanced historical reporting and deeper insights to data.

Technical specifications

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