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Connect II

Used in tens of thousands of deployments around the world, the Connect 2 router is our workhorse. Reliable, secure, and powerful, the Connect 2 router has made enterprise-grade connectivity simple for years.


Reliable, Secure, and Powerful, Enterprise-Grade Router

Be resilient in work and play. The Connect II is far more than a simple hotspot. Simplifi has all your home and small business connectivity needs covered.

  • Resiliency: Built-in fail-over so you never lose connection again
  • Security: IPsec, UAM/Radius, SPI/Firewall, port forwarding, cellular to ethernet connection
  • Connected: Complete network in a box, 32 Wi-Fi Connections, connected to fixed-wire line and/or LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G
  • Simplicity: Plug n’ play, set and forget Remote management platform for easy configuration
  • Portability: No moving parts, no external antennas, works anywhere there is a cellular connection
  • Reliable: 24-hour support, Enterprise-Grade solution
  • Easy Deployment: All in one form factor, just insert a SIM, set up, and connect.
  • Flexibility: Scalable: effective adaptation from a single user to thousands of users.
  • Exceptional Value: Affords Business-grade or Home DIY without the need for IT.

4G/5G Routers with Failover Built-In Means Zero Lost Revenue and Amazing Customer Service

Add a Simplifi Connect router to your existing network or run it as your primary connection, the choice is yours. Either way, having a failover solution built-in is a no-brainer. Plus, installation is so simple anyone can handle it. Businesses of all shapes and sizes will benefit from a failover solution like Simplifi.

Manage Your Entire Network From Anywhere

From desktop to mobile, you can manage your entire network from anywhere you need to work. Change settings for a router located across the globe or just around the corner. We've made it simple to manage as many devices your business needs to operate.

Your Network Empowered by Remote Network Management

One of the secrets to Simplifi's success is our remote management platform, which enables monitoring and managing 1 to tens of thousands of routers from a simple cloud-based portal.

The Simplifi Connect App Puts Enterprise Power in Your Palm

Compared to the enterprise management portal, the Simplifi Connect app is designed with a completely non-technical user in mind, so setup and basic management can be a breeze.

Technical specifications

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