VoiceLink Smart DongleVoiceLink Smart Dongle


VoiceLink Smart Dongle

The Voicelink Smart Dongle is designed to make POTS line replacement a breeze with advanced tone stabilization and built-in management tools that enable you to manage your device from anywhere.


What's Inside the Smartest POTS Replacement Solution on the Market?

  • On-board echo cancellation
  • DTMF/fax tone stabilization
  • Up to 16kHZ HD audio
  • Compatible with the VoLTE network
  • Compatible with standard POTS/PSTN equipment
  • Up to 2 REN (Ringer Equivalence Number) line load
  • Measure line load, voltage, and impedance


Deploying the Voicelink smart dongle is as easy as plugging in your analog POTS device and making the connection. Plus, manage line data and device settings from the Simplifi Cloud Remote Management Portal.

1. Build Your Connection to the VoLTE Network

Simplifi Connect creates the connection to the VoLTE network for fast deployments with zero truck rolls and security that's better than the rest.

Learn more about Connect II

2. Make the Connection to Your POTS Line Device

Pair your Voicelink Smart Dongle with any Connect 2, Connect 3, or Connect 5 router. Then plug your analog POTS device in and you're ready to start making calls!

Plug the Voicelink USB head into any Connect router and existing RJ-11 into the dongle.

3. Manage Your Device From One Pane of Glass

The Voicelink Smart Dongle utilizes the Simplifi Cloud portal for remote management of the entire network down to the device and line data. Critical and cost-effective for management, support, and troubleshooting.

POTS Line Replacement That Scales to Your Needs

We designed the Voicelink VoLTE Smart Dongle to work across many deployment scenarios, from single device replacement to many. POTS line replacement with Simplifi Voicelink is simple to do and incredibly easy to manage. Confidently update that phone you've had connected from the 70s or the call box that keeps your guests safe. Honestly, it's simple!

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