Traditional HotspotTraditional Hotspot

Traditional Hotspot

A hotspot at its core provides internet connectivity via a cellular network connection. The ability to access the internet by those who lack access to service, areas devoid of service, or during critical internet service provider outages can provide the necessary service to keep your business functioning, maintain crucial lines of communication, or extend and maximize learning time for students. The major benefit of a hotspot is its ability to bridge the digital divide for all.


Remote Learning

The pandemic created a new learning dynamic that affected every school, college, university, district, administrator, staff member, and student. Remote learning which was once only considered an option was now mission-critical for every parent, student, and educator. This fundamental shift in the learning landscape brought an increased focus on engagement, extending the classroom, and maximizing learning time. The common denominator shared between these enhanced facets of learning is connectivity. The gap forged from social and economic differences only widened and the need for increased equity among our students was amplified. One of the most critical devices in the mission of closing these gaps is a hotspot. The afforded connectivity for students in underserved communities provides the essential tools to promote increased engagement, enhanced productivity, and maximize learning time.

Working Remotely

Every learning institution was affected by the pandemic, the same can be said about nearly every business. Connectivity before the pandemic, was of course, important. However, after the pandemic, many companies found themselves in dire need of a new strategy for conducting their day-to-day business. Typically, this included remote workers. Although remote work is not a new concept now it is a necessity. Nearly every business utilizes at least a portion of its workforce remotely. This includes remote work due to the nature of the job, such as utility workers, sales, construction workers, and healthcare workers, to name a few. Again, at the center of it all is connectivity and one of the most cost-effective methods of achieving internet connectivity is by utilizing a hotspot. The ability to provide internet connectivity wherever cellular service is available, allows companies to maintain their productivity and functionality, and continue to provide services to their customers.

Failover Solution

Connectivity is at the center of business operations, student productivity, student efficiency, and student engagement. However, during service outages, you are at the mercy of an unpredictable repair schedule. The failover solution that can provide internet connectivity and act as an effective replacement for your ISP is a hotspot. A hotspot provides portability, internet connectivity for all of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and the functionality to keep your business connected as well as productive. This also extends learning time without interruption and maintains student engagement.

The Premier Wireless Hotspot Advantage

All hotspots are capable of bridging the digital divide, but not all hotspots are the same. We provide solutions that meet your connectivity needs where they are. Premier Wireless sits at the intersection of your connectivity needs and the solution that meets those needs.

For Student Applications:

  • Custom security settings
  • Enable and disable hardware features
  • Content filtering for safe internet
  • Time of day use control
  • Interactive dashboards for IT admins
  • Data usage reporting

For Business Applications:

We provide a mobile management solution that allows users to remotely manage and configure their devices in the field. Our solution is designed specifically for educational institutions as well as enterprises and small businesses. Premier’s cloud-based management platform is secured by 2-factor authentication and industry-standard security protocols. This includes:

  • LAN/Wi-Fi settings
  • Mobile settings
  • Firewall settings

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