Toilet Water MonitoringToilet Water Monitoring

Premier Wireless Sensors

Toilet Water Monitoring

Slow Leaks

Slow Leaks

Unnoticeable slow leaks from the tank to the bowl

Continuous Leaks

Continuous Leaks

Tank flapper fails to seat properly and form a tight seal

Over Flushing

Over Flushing

A flush valve seal malfunction creates ghost flushing

Did You Know?

  • More than 20% of toilets have some form of water leaks.
  • New toilet leaks pop up on properties all the time, it's hard to manually keep track.
  • Tenants rarely report leaks. In most cases, they don't even know there's an issue!

One Toilet Alone Can Waste

Thousands of Gallons of Water

You Have More

Than One Toilet

How It Works

  1. Wireless Sensor Attaches to the Toilet
    Easily clamps onto the water hose and gets to work
  2. Sensor Records Water Usage Data
    Sends this data to a dashboard for easy viewing
  3. Receive Real-Time Leak Detection Alerts
    SMS and email alerts are sent to take swift action


Automatically receive alerts via SMS or Email


See all of your properties in one convenient dashboard.


View reports showing all of your properties.

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