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Ways to Improve School Bus Safety with Turn-By-Turn Directions

Safety is, and always will be, the top priority in reference to our students. Though their education is paramount, safety must come first. Location data provided by GPS enhances safety, improves response times, and elevates driver productivity and route efficiency. Furthermore, it allows school bus drivers to focus on the task of driving and the safety of their precious cargo, our students.

How GPS Technology Enhances Safety and Productivity

1973 marks the start of the GPS project created by the U.S. Department of Defense. Its initial launch occurred on February 22, 1978, and it would take another 15 years (1993) before its entire constellation of 24 satellites became fully operational. However, GPS (Global Positioning System) has slowly been assimilated into technology within nearly every industry since its inception, and education tech is no exception. The precise location data provided by GPS enables schools to increase driver safety and route efficiency. The ability to focus on driving especially when operating on an unfamiliar route, adds an extra layer of safety for the driver and the students on board.

GPS technology paired with our Crosswalk K-12 solution provides the first line of defense against route inefficiency, ineffective route planning, increased idle time, and inaccurate student drop-offs and pickups. Student ridership, a component of Crosswalk K-12, which utilizes GPS functionality, provides accurate student location, affords precise student boarding and drop-offs, and prevents students from being left behind after a route is completed.

Emergency response providers significantly benefit from GPS real-time data during emergencies because it dramatically reduces response time, improves victim location accuracy, and helps with route efficiency when responding. Furthermore, dispatchers can allocate teams by assigning the closest assets to the emergency. This reduces response times, lowers operational costs, and enhances resource management. These benefits correlate to augmented safety for schools and students if and when the unthinkable happens.

The Importance of Turn-By-Turn Direction

The importance of GPS in education technology is paramount due to its positive effects on students and drivers. Typically, its use is applied with a focus on school safety. Although the location data provided by GPS functionality is critical to school safety, its effectiveness is governed by the devices and applications utilized to convert this data into usable information. Premier Wireless offers an all-inclusive solution (Crosswalk K-12) that incorporates GPS, turn-by-turn directions, and student ridership (student tracking). These combined elements provide maximum safety, efficiency, productivity, and route planning.

Our Crosswalk K-12 solution, in conjunction with student ridership, allows schools to share current routes, bus stops, and names of students assigned to each bus stop with school bus drivers via a live interactive map. The benefits of turn-by-turn directions include increasing route efficiency, enhancing school bus driver productivity, and reducing operational costs. However, the most crucial advantage of turn-by-turn directions is it increases safety for the students and the school bus driver.

Turn-by-turn directions enable school bus drivers to accurately navigate any route and maintain their focus on driving safely. Sharing route information, bus stops, and student assignments with drivers avoids inaccurate bus drop-offs and pickups. This inherently enhances student safety, ensuring every student is on the correct bus and parents will know that their children have arrived safely through our Parent app.

GPS and turn-by-turn directions augment safety for students and drivers. However, safety and feeling safe affect student’s overall success, according to PRB (Population Reference Bureau).

"School safety plays a crucial role in youth's development and academic success. Students who feel safe at school tend to have better emotional health and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. That sense of safety contributes to an overall feeling of connection."

The Premier Wireless Advantage

Premier Wireless has over 28 years of experience providing technology solutions for libraries, schools, districts, and communities. We offer customized solutions designed with student and driver safety in mind.

Through our years of experience, Premier understands that technology can enhance productivity and efficiency and make tasks more manageable. However, in the field of Education Technology, technology, such as GPS and turn-by-turn directions, provides the first line of defense that heightens student safety and driver safety and promotes increased route accuracy.

Crosswalk K-12 is Premier's comprehensive suite of GPS, student tracking, routing, and planning solutions that provide peace of mind to students, parents, drivers, and districts.

Premier's offerings go beyond hardware; we provide installation, training, service, and support after the sale. Premier Wireless is dedicated to providing a partnership throughout the entire process, from assisting you in obtaining the necessary funding to installation to a device's end-of-life cycle.

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