ConnectED Bus CommunicationConnectED Bus Communication

Premier Wireless

ConnectED Bus Communication

Communicate with 99.999% mission critical service availability.


Provide the most reliable and efficient communications for drivers, dispatch, administration & first responders.

  • Instantly connects for quick response
  • Connect one-to-one or one-to-many
  • Includes palm mic for bus drivers
  • Nationwide coverage
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Cellular Phones & Tablets

Android, Apple and rugged devices meet usability requirements while ensuring district-wide communications.

  • Enable electronic forms, workforce efficiency & improved communication
  • Open records compliant
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Mobile Device Management

Easily monitor and manage all of your devices from one remote dashboard.

  • Enable greater compliance & control of your data & information
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Grant Funding

Funding is available for the ConnectED Bus through ESSER grants according to the following criteria:

1. Coordination of preparedness & response efforts with health depts or other relevant agencies
2. Providing school leaders ability to address unique needs of schools
3. Activities addressing unique needs of “at-risk” student groups
4. Developing & implementing systems to improve preparedness/response efforts
5. PD for staff on sanitization/minimizing spread of infectious diseases
6. Planning & coordination efforts for long-term closures
7. Purchasing EdTech to facilitate continued learning
8. Planning & implementing summer/supplemental learning programs
9. Addressing learning loss among students (especially those considered “at risk”)
10. Other activities as necessary to maintain operations & continuity of services/continued employment of staff

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