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ConnectED Bus - Bus Wi-Fi

The ConnectED Bus Connectivity solution is now an E-Rate allowable expense. School bus wi-fi helps students prepare for their day with internet access for all, including underserved communities. Simultaneously, it improves operational efficiency with connectivity to provide real-time remote access to the cameras and DVRs on-board the bus.


School Bus Wi-Fi Gets a Green Light for E-Rate Funding

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We don't believe that one size fits all. We take the time to understand your goals and objectives and create a custom solution for you and your district.

Choice of Hardware

We balance functionality with brand preference to provide your custom configuration. We work with all major router manufacturers, including Cradlepoint, Peplink and Sierra Wireless.

Choice of Installation

We offer professional nationwide installation or you can choose to self-install.

Choice of Filtering

We understand the importance of protecting your students and your district with education-grade content filtering. We offer your choice of filtering at the router level, at the carrier level, or we can mirror your in-building user experience to ensure safety compliance.

Lifetime Support

We offer lifetime support for as long as you maintain an active router license and subscription.

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Bridging the Digital Divide

In a world where the use of technology is prevalent, we still experience a significant digital divide. While some communities use many variants of information technology and wireless networks, underserved communities have limited to no access.

ConnectED Bus provides students with an opportunity to study, download assignments, complete homework and submit assignments from the bus; thus improving engagement and academic performance.

ConnectED Bus can bridge the gap and give everyone access to the many benefits of wifi on school buses.

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School Bus Wi-Fi Improves Productivity in Motion

When traveling to and from school, for daily commutes, field trips, or extracurricular activities, no matter the proposed distance, we ensure students are connected.

Expect better performance outcomes from your students

Some daily commutes can take up to 4 hours! With the ConnectED Bus, students can leverage this time to do research or finish homework, thus teaching them the importance of time management, helping them enjoy more downtime, and leading to enhanced productivity.

Let’s take a look at the most common student responsibilities after school:

  • Homework
  • Extracurricular clubs
  • Sport activities
  • After-school jobs
  • Research papers
  • Caretaking responsibilities

Being able to complete schoolwork on the bus helps to give kids more time with family and friends, get more sleep at night, and boost their mental health, which leads to an overall increase in student performance.

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Real-Time Surveillance

A significant benefit of our bus wifi solution is that it enables real-time surveillance. Our solution can connect to existing cameras to monitor activity inside the bus. When an incident occurs, real-time surveillance allows you to respond quickly and effectively. No more waiting for the bus to return to the depot to manually pull footage.

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Reduce Disruptive Behavior

It's no doubt that bored kids are disruptive kids. Students are a bundle of energy, and having no medium to channel that large energy mass can encourage them to cause trouble. A rowdy school bus can cause drivers to lose focus, increasing the possibility of an accident.

Another benefit of wifi on school buses is its ability to keep students occupied. Keeping them occupied reduces the rate of disruptions to ensure that the driver's attention is solely on the road.

With students focused on their work and rates of interruptions reduced, there’s no need to hire extra staff to watch over them during commutes, reducing your expenses significantly.

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Students Advocate for School Bus Wi-Fi

"I was surprised when I joined the Zoom meeting and saw two teenagers and their bus driver, Joy Sykes. I'm used to meeting with district administrators and transportation directors about school bus Wi-Fi, but I had never heard directly from the students being impacted. Knowing that our ConnectED Bus solution could truly help these kids and this district was especially exciting. I wanted to make this happen for them. They deserved it."

-Lea Bogle, President & CEO, Premier Wireless

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Remarkable Features of ConnectED Bus

Making your school bus a mobile hotspot with ConnectED Bus offers you real-time access to data from the bus in motion. Let’s learn more about the center of our wireless network connection: the router. Here are just of a few of its many features.

ConnectED Bus Maximizes GPS Usage

With the ConnectED Bus school bus wifi, you can have optimum Global Positioning System (GPS) function with fast internet connection and precision. Here’s what our ConnectED Bus offers:

Real-time location information: This information is especially helpful in case of disaster. Often, accidents happen quickly, and vehicles go missing. The number of casualties increases during the prolonged wait period. With the modified Global Positioning System tracking, emergency responders can act quickly and locate possible victims.

Gives allowance for setting Geo-fences: With geofencing, you can program certain responses within specific areas. For example, you can activate a geo-fence within a particular area to receive notifications when a bus enters or exits that area – including the bus depot or even specific stops on each bus route.

Helps you set customized alerts: With customized alerts, you can create signals to track specific changes. These notifications can help the students, the driver, and even the bus. For example: if you set connection limits to one device per student, you can make alerts that inform you when one student connects more than one device, thus maintaining traffic on the school bus wifi interface.

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Students' Sign-In

The student sign-in allows you to validate students to limit access only your school children. Additionally, it helps you ensure that they use the ConnectED Bus for its intended purpose. Here are more of its benefits:

  • It secures the wi-fi so you can be sure that only your students can access the wi-fi
  • The customizable landing page allows you to displays a welcome message and the school logo.
  • It enables you to create an in-class learning experience on the bus for extended learning time

Upon login, students are automatically redirected to your Learning Management Software (LMS). For example, if Google Classroom is the selected Learning Management Software for your school, the student sign-in takes them there immediately upon log in. The sign-in page helps you ensure that your students are being productive and using the school bus wifi for its intended purpose.

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Cloud Management Portal

Just like how your mobile cloud apps sync your files across devices, our cloud management portal connects all ConnectED Bus installations through a single access point, providing you visibility. The cloud management portal also simplifies updates, configuration, deployments, and overall management while simultaneously reducing stress on your part.

Gain access to real-time diagnostics

With the cloud management portal, you can gain access to real-time diagnostics and troubleshoot connection issues.

User-friendly API

The well-defined API (Application Program Interface) makes it easy to integrate with third-party tools and applications.

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