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The "New Normal"

To COVID-19 pandemic ignited the need for evolutions in technology and how we conduct our daily lives. The entire educational landscape changed, seemingly overnight. The phrase “New Normal” was created out of this ever-changing assortment of challenges brought about by the global pandemic. Necessity is considered the mother of invention and the global epidemic serves as the test and proof of this theory. Through these challenges, Premier Wireless has found itself uniquely positioned at the intersection of technological evolution and your needs. We have realized that it is not about providing a device, it is about providing the right device for your students.

With the already built-in challenges of Remote Learning, it is even more imperative that the device provided for your students lends itself to ease of use, intuitive functionality, and operational familiarity. Premier Wireless can also provide internet solutions inside and around (outside) your school buses through our ConnectED Bus technology. The mission behind our innovative technology is to provide a solution that promotes equal opportunities to learn and be successful for all students.

The ConnectED Campus, is another solution in our arsenal that we utilize to close the gap of the digital divide. This innovative technology solution affords the preservation of the classroom experience and extends it beyond the boundaries of the school building through LTE or wi-fi. The ConnectED Campus technology solution assists in mitigating the efforts while schools resume in-person learning.

Even as schools have phased in face-to-face learning, air quality continues to be a part of the challenge in keeping a school’s indoor environments safe for students and faculty. Air Quality Monitoring offered by Premier Wireless is the implementation of air quality sensors that assist in reducing the risk of indoor airborne illness transmission.

The Premier Wireless healthy school-focused product and services portfolio includes new, innovative solutions and product line extensions developed specifically to address the global pandemic as well as our well-established products that have garnered success in schools across the country.

Distance Learning

The education industry has been battling the digital divide for years and the onset of a global pandemic simply made the issue paramount as students were forced into distance learning overnight. Stress and anxiety ensued as parents took on the additional responsibility of teaching while teachers overhauled their lesson plans for a new digital curriculum.

Beyond the initial scramble for devices and internet access, we've learned that technologically-deficient families struggled to connect. As parents and students became frustrated, students became disengaged.

What we've found is that identifying the right devices for your students makes all the difference in their success. We can simplify the process, make it easy and provide the best solutions to engage every grade, learning and socio-economic level.

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ConnectED Bus

Prior to COVID-19, providing wi-fi on school buses allowed students to maximize their time on the bus during daily commutes and travel for field trips, sporting events or extracurricular activities. When schools shut down, the buses were idle.

Buses have now been called into action to provide wi-fi internet access around the bus, rather than on the bus. Buses can be parked in neighborhoods or parking lots and provide wi-fi internet access when otherwise not in use. Students can maintain social distancing while the bus casts wide area wi-fi access.

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ConnectED Campus

Largely rural and economically disadvantaged school districts struggle to provide wi-fi internet access for students when school is not in session - either after normal school hours or as a response to school closures during COVID-19. The ConnectED Campus allows you to preserve the classroom experience and extend it beyond the bounds of the school building via LTE or wi-fi.

ConnectED Campus LTE allows you to provide cellular LTE connectivity in the most needed areas, including mobile home parks, apartment complexes or public community locations.

ConnectED Campus Wi-Fi simply extends the existing wi-fi from inside the school to the parking lot, stadiums, playgrounds and sporting fields - anywhere or everywhere across campus.

Both ConnectED Campus solutions protect students by allowing them to maintain social distancing while accessing the internet.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality sensors help to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission indoors. In a collaborative effort to return to classrooms as soon as possible, the coalition of education labor groups released the Classroom Learning and Safe Schools for Employees and Students (CLASSES) plan, which outlines the steps needed to physically return to schools safely. The multi-layered mitigation measures outlined in the plan include increasing room air ventilation in addition to universal mask use and social distancing.

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Grants Funding

Federal and state grants are a vital part of the budget picture for nearly all public sector agencies in America. However, many of these agencies are understaffed or lack the expertise to properly assess, apply, and obtain critical grant funding. Understanding grant development or experience with grant programs can significantly increase their ability to leverage technology to advance their missions and enhance their impact on their communities.

Premier Wireless helps public sector agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals identify grants to fund their technology initiatives.

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