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Government Emergency Response Solutions

As emergency response becomes increasingly complex and challenging, government agencies are turning to technology to help them prepare, respond, and recover from crises more effectively.

Premier provides cutting-edge technology solutions to support local, state, and federal emergency response efforts. Our solutions include advanced air quality monitoringpanic buttons, law enforcement vehicle connectivitymobile communication kitsmobile communication devicesbus Wi-Fi, and security solutions for campus and building safety.

We are committed to working closely with government agencies to provide customized technology solutions that meet their specific needs and enhance their emergency response capabilities.

Air Quality Monitoring

It is documented in several studies that when CO2 levels double within an indoor environment, the risk of COVID-19 infection doubles as well. Therefore, air quality became highly critical during the global pandemic.

The ability to track carbon dioxide levels indoors is an economical and effective way to monitor the risk of people getting COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Premier's solution to help maintain safe CO2 levels and improve air quality is using Air Quality Monitoring.

By measuring the CO2 levels with air quality sensors, you can continually monitor the status of potentially infectious air. This, in turn, allows government agencies to operate safely and continue to provide access to critical resources for their constituents.

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Town Transit

Premier Wireless Town Transit technology is designed specifically for public buses. During both emergencies and non-emergencies, The Town Transit solution tracks riders as they board and exit buses. It also offers real-time vehicle location information and Web-based signage deployment in stations or aboard buses. It allows riders to locate and time bus arrivals. Town Transit provides peace of mind because government agencies know where their fleets are at all times, and riders and drivers stay safe.

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Connected Vehicles

Providing First Responders with reliable equipment and network security is critical to their safety and others. Emergency vehicles can give them a command center right at their figure tips with adequate solutions and reliable connectivity. Premier's solutions provide emergency vehicles with rugged MDT/laptops, routers, video streaming cameras, and GPS systems; to help them react quickly and safely. Situational awareness and response times can lead to seconds between life and death.

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Go-Kit and Network-in-a-Box Kit

Whether natural disasters, weather events, or acts of violence, we offer suitable emergency readiness kits that assist in life-threatening conditions and devastation. Premiers' Go-Kit and Network-in-a-Box kit enables First Responders to communicate anywhere, anytime, where durable devices and connectivity are essential. Our Emergency Readiness Kits provide portable, rugged devices & routers to withstand the most challenging environments and secure networks they can rely on.

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ConnectED Campus

Premier's ConnectED Campus solution leverages cellular connectivity to augment government buildings' fiber connectivity, particularly when fiber connectivity is unavailable or unreliable or when redundancy is critical for continuity and communication during an emergency and active threat.

Our ConnectED Campus solution ensures communication by providing backup connectivity. It supports remote response, and it increases resiliency.

Cellular redundancy is crucial to ensure communication channels remain open even when primary communication lines are disrupted or overloaded, allowing emergency responders and government officials to coordinate their emergency response.

Beyond leveraging Premier's ConnectED Campus solution for emergencies, it can be used as a temporary solution when and where needed, including for new buildings when waiting for fiber connections and a primary connection for remote locations such as parking lots and portable buildings.

Overall, Premier's ConnectED Campus solution provides cellular connectivity to complement government agencies' fiber connectivity, providing mobile internet access, backup connectivity, temporary connectivity, and cost-effective solutions.

By leveraging ConnectED Campus, government agencies can ensure that government workers and first responders can access the internet and essential resources, even during challenging situations.

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Remote Worker

The COVID-19 pandemic changed where, how, and when employees can work. In case of an emergency building shutdown, employees can still be productive. Many organizations now allow their staff to work remotely, either all or part of the time.

This new work dynamic requires a more reliable solution to maintain open communication channels between team members. Premier has a suite of products and services to keep your remote team members connected and online.

Premier's laptops, Chromebooks, hotspots, iPads, tablets, and smartphones, provide reliable communication regardless of their geographic location. We provide the option of having a laptop with a hotspot or an embedded laptop with the cellular component built-in ensuring reliable internet connectivity and keeping teams connected and productive.

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Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can be personally carried or mounted throughout your buildings to alert first responders of an emergency. Simply press the button to send unlimited notifications with exact location details.

Whether you're protecting a classroom, an office, or an individual, panic buttons utilize the latest technology to ensure fast response times.

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