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The New "Normal"

Our solutions are perfect for reopening during the coronavirus pandemic, not only to ensure safety but also to keep a distance. They reduce the need for close or any contact among visitors and staff. These solutions are helpful for easing staff members minds during this uncertain time, but more than that, they help underserved community members access the internet, providing digital equity.

Air Quality Monitoring

It is documented in several recent studies (2021) that when CO2 levels double within an indoor environment, the risk of COVID-19 infection doubles as well. Therefore, air quality is critical during this present global pandemic. The correlation is in the way the virus spreads or is transmitted, i.e., breathing, coughing, or talking. Each of these actions involves a form of exhaling CO2. Having the ability to track carbon dioxide levels indoors is an economical and effective means to monitor the risk of people getting COVID-19, according to current (2021) research. Premier Wireless’s solution to help maintain safe CO2 levels and improve air quality is by using Air Quality Monitoring. By measuring the CO2 levels with air quality sensors, you can continually monitor the level of potentially infectious air.

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ConnectED Bus

The Premier Wireless ConnectED Bus technology is designed specifically for the mobile environment, e.g., school buses, city buses, campus shuttles, and charter buses. ConnectED Bus provides reliable internet connectivity within the confines of the mobile environment, and it affords the option to provide internet connectivity outside the confines of the mobile (Hotspot) environment. The technology goes beyond simply providing internet access, it can also enhance productivity, security (Cameras), and help bridge the digital divide in underserved communities. Currently, there are two variants available for deployment:

  • Hardwired for inside vehicle (permanent) solutions
  • Portable for an agile (portability) solution
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ConnectED Campus

Internet connectivity in a digital and data-decision-driven world enhances productivity while also promoting digital equity. Furthermore, affording access to wireless (Wi-Fi) internet connectivity in areas like libraries, parks, and government building complexes can also provide internet access to underserved communities. The Premier Wireless ConnectED Campus solution permits you to maintain the classroom experience and expand it beyond the confines of the school building via LTE or Wi-Fi.

Premier’s ConnectED Campus solutions also promote social distancing while providing internet access and enhanced engagement.

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In today's “New Normal” our preventative protocols require most businesses to allow their staff to work remotely. This new work dynamic requires a more reliable solution that can maintain open channels for communicating between team members. To that end, Premier Wireless has a suite of products and services to keep your remote team members connected and online. Our cell phones, smartphones, and rugged phones provide reliable communication regardless of their geographic location. Whereas Premier's Advanced Hotspot and SmartBook can ensure reliable internet connectivity and keep your teams connected.

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Grants Funding

Federal and state grants are a vital part of the budget picture for nearly all public sector agencies in America. However, many of these agencies are understaffed or lack the expertise to properly assess, apply, and obtain critical grant funding. Understanding grant development or experience with grant programs can significantly increase their ability to leverage technology to advance their missions and enhance their impact on their communities.

Premier Wireless helps public sector agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals identify grants to fund their technology initiatives.

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