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Libraries persistently experience evolving service requirements. Furthermore, as they continue to adapt to the "New Normal" forged by the global pandemic, the Library and its importance to every community have also evolved. Therefore, to meet these ever-growing and changing needs, Libraries have implemented various special programs to help better serve their patrons.


The Bookmobile of today is not the typical school bus-like vehicle that only provides access to the books on board. The evolution of the Bookmobile has uniquely positioned libraries as a mobile distribution center for all things resource-related. By incorporating technology such as the ConnectED Bus (Bus Wi-Fi), Bookmobiles provide internet access to underserved communities, extend learning time, and offer access to online resources. Bookmobiles also extend checkouts to patrons and communities that may not have the transportation means to access their services conventionally.

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ConnectED Campus

In today's all-digital world, internet access and connectivity are paramount and thus affect every aspect of our daily lives. The sudden need for alternative methods for engagement, employment, and learning, amplified the importance of internet access and reliable connectivity. Internet access, for some industries, was already a necessity, but after the pandemic, it became the lifeline for every sector. The library, of course, was no different. They, too, had to shutter their doors during various closure mandates, and at the very least, many did not allow patrons to enter their buildings.

However, with solutions like ConnectED Campus, Libraries can provide continuous service to their patrons by providing internet access in areas such as the library parking lot. By affording internet access in the library's parking lot, patrons can maintain access to vital resources and library services while maintaining social distancing.

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Grants Funding

Grants are essential in funding schools, government agencies, and healthcare and non-profit organizations by providing financial support for specific programs and projects.

Premier is committed to helping our clients research grant opportunities to identify potential funding opportunities.

We can help develop proposals that align with the school or agency's goals and objectives through collaboration.

By working together, we can help build capacity for our clients and help them increase their ability to secure the funding needed for essential programs and projects.

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