Temperature MonitoringTemperature Monitoring

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Temperature Monitoring

Throw away paper logs!

Throw away paper logs!

Eliminate missed and error-prone manual readings with 24/7 automated monitoring.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

Streamline operations by reducing labor costs associated with manual monitoring.

Increase Compliance

Increase Compliance

Ensure federal, state, and local regulatory compliance with accurate data recording.

Protect Inventory

Protect Inventory

Avoid costly product spoilage and unexpected inventory loss with real-time, actionable alerts.

Remote Monitoring

  • Mobile apps and web dashboard to monitor sensors anywhere
  • Monitor 1 or 100s of locations
  • Real-time device and alert status


  • Receive text and email alerts
  • Add 1 or many recipients
  • Customize alert thresholds

Alert Rules

  • Only alert if condition remains for (x) minutes
  • (x) readings in a row
  • Change threshold between
  • Don't alert between
  • Alert if (x) readings in (y) minutes

Sensor Maps

  • Visualize sensor status
  • Upload images and blueprints
  • Add Google Maps

User Management

  • Add contacts to 1 or 100s of locations
  • Set admin, can edit, can view permissions levels

Device History

  • Access complete history of device data logs and alerts
  • View trends for things you're monitoring


  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Receive compliance reports for regulations and inspectors

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