Air Quality MonitoringAir Quality Monitoring

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Air Quality Monitoring

Create an optimal school or work environment with indoor air quality monitoring. Protect student and employee health and meet indoor air quality regulations.

Easy Install

Easy Install

Plug and play enables quick and easy installation



Ensure healthy indoor air conditions



Reduce the spread of pathogens in the air



Meets state and local mandates

An end-to-end solution for any building

100% plug and play and off-network solution that can monitor any indoor area in schools, workspaces, hospitals, and government buildings to ensure its occupants’ safety and meet state and local mandates.

In minutes you can deploy this complete indoor air quality monitoring solution to your customers or your organization.

Remote Monitoring

24/7 Access

Monitor indoor quality conditions from anywhere and from any device

SMS Test Message Alerts

Set threshold alerts to be alerted via SMS or Email


Schedule and generate automatic reports to meet local and state mandates

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