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Air Quality Monitoring

Create an optimal school or work environment with indoor air quality monitoring. Protect student and employee health and meet indoor air quality regulations.

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Will This Solution Help Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19 Or Influenza?

Research shows that improving building ventilation to recommended levels can have a similar effect as vaccinating 50% of the building occupants against the influenza virus

Are the Sensors Secured?

Yes. Our technology has embedded end-to-end security and encryption. Plus. outside sources cannot hack our solution sensors because they do not have an IP address.

Does the System Work Off of Wi-Fi?

The sensors use LoRa (long-range) radio frequency to communicate to a gateway. The gateway then connects to the internet over a cellular or ethernet connection, or both.

Can Multiple Users Receive Alerts?

Yes, you can send alerts to an unlimited list of recipients. These alerts include when air quality thresholds are exceeded.

Is there Any Cabling or Wiring Required?

No, devices communicate wirelessly, making for a pain-free installation. These solutions can directly plug devices into power for extended operating life or run on batteries that last approximately five years.

Will the Sensors Effectively Communicate through Concrete, Cinderblock and Metal Infrastructure?

Yes, these devices were built specifically for these types of environments and are capable of reaching gateways that are up to 1,000 feet away, even in harsh environments.

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Validating that your campus has proper air ventilation leads to a safer and healthier environment and gives peace of mind to employees, students, and parents alike. Plus there are federal, state and local mandates requiring air quality monitoring to ensure a safe return to the classroom.

Does the System Provide Automated Reports?

Yes, air quality and ventilation data captured from the sensors are logged into the system and made available through automated reports.

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